Solid middle class with good facilities, but weakness in the image

Solid middle class with good facilities, but weakness in the image

Samsung UE46F6510 116 cm (46 inches) 3D LED-backlit TV (Full HD, 400Hz CMR, DVB-T / C / S2, CI +, Wi-Fi, Smart TV, HbbTV, voice control) high-gloss white (Electronics)

Customer Review

After 3 years with my esteemed Samsung UE32C6000 it was after moving to a bigger apartment now time to also adapt the TV to the new space.

Since I put a more conservative television consumption of the day (mainly football on Sky News, scene and occasionally a film about Blu Ray / DVD), there should be a mid-range model, this time in the 46/47-inch category with 3D up 1,000 Euro.

The choice was between Panasonic ETW60, Samsung F6500, Philips and Sony W805 60008k.

After extensive study of reviews and on-site observations at various electronics retailers, it has then become of Samsung. This decision was made in the final analysis, but mainly on price. The competitors in the middle class are currently in the comparison of the cheapest offers at least 200 EUR (Pana, Philips) to 300 EUR (Sony) on the Samsung and so can jump out of the money saved even easier Soundbar or an ordinary BluRay player.

If it were just about the picture quality, however, I would not chose the Samsung. So clearly you have to say it. Samsung has the image quality of its mid-range models (6000 series) not really improved in recent years. On the contrary, the development in this area has been decoupled from the better models. Had my old C6000 with which tack-sharp, high-contrast images could produce even a so-called. Ultra Clear Panel (UCP), these are now built only in the significantly more cost-intensive 7000er- and 8000 series.

And you can see exactly this circumstance to the image quality of the F6500. The picture is compliant with the correct settings, but it lacks the brilliance of devices with UCP. Many attribute the image of Samsung THAT CONDITION at first too cluttered. This is because just the color settings are factory totally overexcited. This problem can be solved by changing the settings. Although the impression by the candy-colored at first glance, the Samsung had a sumptuous picture is the on closer examination not so. What are in fact going to the device properly sharp images with high contrast. This is evident especially in Football games or movies, where the speed of movement is transposed liquid, but the appearance looks less plastic than other devices. The whole image is less detailed and not as strong contoured. Especially clearly this effect comes into play, the better the image signal. So the device is missing even in the 2D playback of Blu-ray discs or HD + channels of Punch. Where others right at the point the way (particularly strong of Philips), comes the Samsung not such a big increase more.

Therefore, a small note to all those who want to upgrade from an already good device. Please do not expect miracles. The wow factor is in this TV off at least in the normal 2D display and will not be produced even when displaying HD channels. This effect will probably only experience people, change of an old tube TV or a cheap LCD. Who really wants to experience an increase, has to spend even a few hundred euros more at this screen size. Please do not let tame by any laudatory tests, but compare with possibility itself. The name Samsung has now not least such an impact that I disputing but at least quiet by very clever marketing the objectivity of many reviews. Maintains one with people who really have knowledge of the matter, come entirely similar expressions.

Of the above-mentioned middle class models that were for me to choose from, has the Panasonic mM to the total compelling image with good contrast and beautiful color reproduction. It shows, however, sometimes a little trouble with fast movements. The Philips is even more contrast, but verbaselt in the category of use and the SD picture could not convince me so much. The Sony lacks a good representation of blacks. Overall, he seems a bit pricey for what is offered.

But now to the positive side of Samsung, who pushed my decision next to the price aspect in direction of this unit. The 3D display like. The active method of Samsung with the Schutter glasses is a bit cumbersome to use (glasses must be back always enabled and the battery needed a little heavier than normal 3D glasses) than the competition with passive 3D system (polarization system, glasses without battery like in the movies), but the image quality is better in my opinion. The 3D display is at full resolution, while the other colleagues working with a half-line method. The image is indeed more darkened by the shutter glasses than with passive devices, but it looks tight. When asked for a better system but opinions vary greatly. If you're looking 3D effects, you should first try the two alternatives so sure.

Also very well resolved the Samsung Smart Hub is the new 2013er robe. The system seems certainly the most mature, not least through the extensive experience with smartphones and tablets, on. In this discipline the other applicants falling behind Samsung. Especially the Philips navigated only with delay and scant interface through the online offers and also reacts otherwise fairly sluggish.

Sound is ok, definitely better than the Panasonic. Not as strong, however, as with Philips or Sony. Although strong in the context, of course, is relative. On all devices proper for a successful movie night is certainly a reasonable sound reinforcement.

This is another advantage of the Samsung. By activating Sound Share-equipped sound systems from Samsung can be wirelessly connected to the TV set accordingly.

My device seems to be very well-lit. Excessive Clouding effects I can not see so far.

Finally, the processing, which provides no cause for criticism, even when the unit is now almost Samsung typically become quite a plastic bomber. I just for the white version (F6510) chose and find the optics in combination with the thin frame and the relatively elegant pedestal total managed. The competition is cooking in this class only with water. Since a lot of plastic is everywhere, even if there are other devices on the at least a few parts of the outer shell of metal. So is also in this aspect, who expected a more noble appearance, must dig deeper into their pockets.

In summary, one can say: The cheap price of Samsung is not quite by chance. Picture Technically he does not play in the front row. But the overall package he knows how to convince. For the price you vainly looking at the competition for real alternatives in the 3D area.

However, those who value the right contrast and detailed image display, should certainly take some extra cash in hand and we will see to the competition or the same drive the 7000/8000 series of Samsung. These then but with a minimum of 500 Euro hit in 46 inch size more impact.

Device per se: 3.5 stars
Value for money: 4.5 Stars
Overall: 4 stars

+++ Update 30.10.2013 +++ After I am satisfied so far with the device and for me useful picture settings have found the great disillusionment. The afternoon games in the Bundesliga last weekend have a very distinct DSE effect (Dirty Screen Effect, on closer inspection you can see a very patchy picture) brought to light, which is only slightly noticed in the evening games in the CL during the week. Add to that a slight tightening of the image. Up and down settings tested. However, the DSE could be only slightly reduce, if one has adjusted upward the image properties so drastically that everything looked totally unnatural.

To test whether there was not perhaps the image signal from the Sky receiver, my old C6000 connected and voilà image was fine. Is DSE problem, it falls once, you can concentrate on barely anything else. So enjoy the game was nothing more.

The issue is widespread and meets virtually all manufacturers of LED screens, particularly affected are the cheaper devices with Edge technology. As strong as pronounced in my F6500, I certainly have not seen it before it. Tested again Sunday afternoon and again the same result.

Television has now begun to return, which I was sorry. In the totality of its properties, it pleased me very well. I, however, like to watch football time, so strongly pronounced DSE during transfers for me is unacceptable.

What a pity. Somehow Samsung come and I do not really at the moment on a green branch. The Blu-ray player BD-F6500 also fell (see related review). He was in the overall balance but still severe negative. Samsung, please wake up!

The new is already in the starting blocks. Let's see if the Panasonic ETW60 gives me more pleasure. At the end of the day just one but primarily the image.

Appreciation reduced from 4 to 3 stars.

Ingenious Part 1 Rank: 5/5
May 8
a great product ... 1 Rank: 5/5
November 8
Top disc at a low price Rank: 5/5
April 9
Ingenious part 23 Rank: 5/5
December 21

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