Solid recommended Nespresso machine with a few points of criticism

Solid recommended Nespresso machine with a few points of criticism

DeLonghi EN 520.B Nespresso Lattissima + / milk foam system / Magic Black (Kitchen)

Customer Review

I have long pushed my capsule machine to send it (by others) in the well-deserved retirement. The coffee not particularly to my taste though, and the handling was average from the start, but oh well it worked so still. Then a few months ago, I am in the morning on, I want to make the first coffee of the day (by many) and what can I say, they do not want more (not to be my best day honest ..). I urgently sought compensation and stumbled and bought over the Lattissima +.

Packaging and processing quality:

The machine was neat and clean packed, it will not save on packaging material, the manual is kept accurate, but adequate and the "Welcome Case" leads to the idea "because I've indeed something very exclusive" buy).

The machine itself is not bad processed, but the glossy black surface is both scratch-prone and on the other hand fall under a stronger light on micro-scratches, which already existed from the beginning. How's that for other colors, I do not like to judge. I said to myself, it is a commodity and it's all about the coffee, not a few subtle (almost invisible) scratches on the surface, a point that I could get over / can.
The control buttons work perfectly and the seperate on / off switch (no longer exists in all machines) I personally prefer.

Handling and preparation

The main reason I have gained this model was, the milk foam system which has no equal. I like to drink latte macchiato, but I'm certainly not the type of separately in the morning milk warms used or a milk frother. I want to push nen button and you're done and that's what makes the Lattissima possible. I see this as the biggest advantage of this machine, the simplicity of being able to drink a good latte macchiato quickly and without effort. The milk container is basically in the refrigerator and is about 2x a week cleaned, perfectly adequate in my opinion or I would have noticed no negative consequences (the short cleaning right after - rinse nozzle press means Knopd - is negligible). The cleaning itself is a little expensive (container should be disassembled) but compared to other systems where cleaning is necessary every day, I can take this easy.

One criticism which must be mentioned at this point is the Nachtropfverhalten. Regardless whether a latte macchiato or a normal Lungo is prepared by dripping the machine. Since the pull-out container for my tall cups can not be used, it drips directly onto the lower shelf. I have now just been living a small cup after use should make, but this ideal solution, of course not (other Nespresso machines can do better).

Another point of criticism is the lack of opportunity macchiato latte or cappuccino adjust the capacity for milk and coffee separately. Say it is not possible to set the amount of milk and maintain or vice versa the set amount of coffee.


Personally, I am very pleased with the taste, no comparison to my old machine. The temperature I empfnde as perfectly ok and are a real espresso or latte macchiato also not be scalding hot. About taste can be known to argue, but I think in large assortment of Nespresso everyone finds a variety that suits him. Unlike other Rezesenten I am absolutely satisfied with the foam.


The DeLonghi's certainly not perfect but for me currently the best alternative. The system tells me too simple and I do not want to miss. I would hope when DeLonghi would the less pleasant aspects (Nachtropfverhalten, sensitive material adjustment) improve at a future successor / eliminate.

I can therefore recommend the machine to anyone who wants to come macchiato quickly and easily to his cappuccino or latte without having to operate in the morning a lot of effort.


Water hardness
I would recommend anyone to adjust the water hardness to its own circumstances. On my machine, the water hardness was factory set to "hard", but I live in an area with low water hardness. Of course it does not hurt to keep the setting, but you can increase as the descaling intervals. With soft water, this is naturally less likely to make than in hard water. In the manual there is a detailed description of amending this.

Warranty period:
The personal application and registration of the machine in [...] it is possible to extend the warranty period to a total of 3 years.

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