spacious and well thought out - for something more extensive equipment

spacious and well thought out - for something more extensive equipment

Tamrac Evolution 9 Sling backpack black (Electronics)

Customer Review

Since no one has posted anything and I obviously am the first reviewer here, I want to advance formulate my full purchase recommendation for this backpack especially for owners of a slightly larger DSLR equipment.

In turn, not to get bored in the hope.
I'm still in possession of Lowepro Fastpack 250. Not a bad part, well made and well worth the money! However, often is forgotten (by the product photographers anyway and also by me) that a lens usually a lens hood is one that will be packaged and since then the place has been very fast close. Also I missed the FP more and more opportunities, additional material (tripod, quiver ... to be able to attach the outside. He is just at the limit of its possibilities. Then when a Tokina Wide with slippers 950 g liveweight and 9.4 cm diameter was come to the other glass, the way was cleared, to reorient themselves.
I was the Evolution 8 presented in the shop and I was blown away by the thoughtful details and the quality of workmanship. The 8-but almost identical dimensions as the FP and so I was happy here at Amazon to find the 9s. Well there are some more Euros to be invested but have to stop each decide for themselves. The pleasure of a high quality product our utmost to satisfy much longer than the most low price.
(The retail price however I think for speculation but I have no cheaper provider also found the net as Amazon, my thanks go! 2 days delivery time and I was able to repackage some glass.)
I think here keeps the joy of product rather long on! After unpacking keeping a stable, high-quality piece of equipment in your hand. The joy continues when you experience the transformation of ideas and the processing itself. The level of workmanship is on the LP, however, puts the joy in detail. The interior is (almost) fully lined with fleece and velcro so placing the dividers is just a matter of individual need - top. 3 ways to access the photo tray, I think the left-handed among photographers is the particular interest because of the lateral access is the left and right positions are identical. This allows the EV easily unplug both left and right in front of the body and the camera will then be taken to have settling without the part. The functions and ways of wearing are described on the website are good and with the 8-person etc. identical. The storage possibility of all belts behind the upholstery is practical and well implemented.
What is not necessarily apparent from publicly available product, is the positive fact that can be the zippers on small loops or another (for example) secure it with a small castle. That's not all backpacks this kind possible but in some regions of the world, this option is certainly necessary and useful.
What goes into the main compartment:
(I am writing this not as detailed, to move my equipment into the public eye, but interested just to give an accurate indication of one's own decision.)
EOS 5D Mark II with battery grip - placed the 17-105 L IS with Geli packed the 70-200 / 4 L IS with reversed patch Geli, Tokina 16-28 (Geli on the lens), 50 / 1.4 USM + patch Geli, EF 580 EX II patch Bouncer, Kenko 1.4 converter, various filters and odds and ends, Canon Charger + cable, Hama "Delta Plus", various UV filters and macro rings, wired remote release ... Had I known what would everything goes, I buying two lens quivers thought me again, well ...
For laptop compartment:
Samsung 15.6 "swallowed convenient and simple, but certainly not always include with the equipment (but good to know this way to have). This assembly brings without a laptop, after all, been 10 kilos.
The attachment of a tripod is outside easily and safely possible by performing the gimmicks, quick access to the equipment by the side zips is also at festgeschnalltem tripod no problem.
The designing and setting up the EV photo tray was lengthy but a delight, especially the immediate placement of flow permits a variable design of all subjects. Here a decisive advantage over the LP is given, otherwise the perceived quality of both providers is still on the same, high level. The Velcro fasteners hold incredibly stable, some force is needed once affiliated with a screwdriver - very nice. It can be seen after packing under the top cover and in various corners really still a (small) little unused space but it remains me still some time to think and design.
In the upper compartment of the space has remained completely free and thus otherwise usable. However, I would want to transport any drinks here, the intermediate base for photo tray is secured only by circulating Velcro and there are some gaps to be recognized. For light clothing, literature or whatever it was good enough. Here in the upper compartment of the LP is something thoughtful and wins on points, many small pockets and networks and a stable, continuously sewn floor. The bag with the rain hood is sure sometime useful, the present on the other side can be filled with Kleinstkram.
A little criticism may still be without these can devalue my positive assessment:
The SD card pockets and small items in the side accesses are only partially available because they are not padded and would press hard on either the camera or on any lens. Towels or a little paperwork - more I pack there not pure. When fully equipped, the use as a sling is rather fictitious because the weight is just too big and the rubber strap of a hindrance. No paste the strap of EV would better slide, I also personally feel a cloth here as pleasant.
The lap belt is so oversized that I really wonder who might have been here as a scale model. The left buckle is not adjustable, but is almost on my right hip and then hangs right over 1 m belt around helplessly and will be wound up I can cut werd`s and good somehow. The straps are designed mE far too long, even with extremely large bodies in thick clothing is as safe still plenty left belt '
To praise again high is the possibility all belts (so long they are) to stow behind the double back padding and there to hide all elegant. Thus, the EV can wear like a bag and nothing depends unused / disruptive around.
All in all a well thought out piece of stitched fabric with sturdy steel hooks and plenty of interior space, I will, if necessary, report on the practical use on vacation. Interesting is especially the prolonged wearing When fully equipped and high temperatures for me.
Much text has become 'I hope he's helpful!


14 days India use at constant 100% relative humidity, rain and permanently above 30 degrees - I stay with full 5 points. I had packed 10.5 kg and can be transported easily in your hand luggage, no one has weighed ;-) the part just is not as powerful (especially as the straps can be well hidden).
Of course, I have not always taken everything, but was often with 8kg at the start. Have also a few small pockets and little foam fitted perfectly. The rain cover I from the side pocket and removed used indoors for tamping, a brief shower is for the EV anyway no problem. Had only a real commitment and it was drawn quickly.
The rubber linings on the strap in addition to the aforementioned points bring the experienced advantage that the carriers are not equal soaked with sweat. Although that is in local climes not very likely quite intense but in the designated region.
The hip belt is really necessary, he relieved enormously and gives a very good feeling. That the strap is not padded, as with many backpacks common disturbs absolutely not. Only the threading of the plastic buckle loosened from time to time something, and then you have to occasionally re-tighten the belt tight in motion. The rapid removal and stowage of the Cam works great for some exercise. The possible use as a sling will inevitably increases weight more and more uncomfortable.
The backpack is just practical, spacious and very stable!

Conclusion: - a highly recommended piece of luggage for the slightly larger equipment -

Exceeds my expectations 4 Rank: 5/5
May 2
Recommend it ... 49 Rank: 5/5
July 28
compatible cartridge 2 Rank: 5/5
April 13
Beautiful! 1311 Rank: 5/5
February 13

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