Springsteen of now meets Mellencamp of the 80s!  Americana-Country-punk rock of the extra class!

Springsteen of now meets Mellencamp of the 80s! Americana-Country-punk rock of the extra class!

Till Midnight (MP3 Download)

Customer Review

For me, now one of the best albums of the year! Born in Houston Chuck Ragan has never been better than with this fantastic new album Till Midnight, which is located between the musical Springsteen the last albums and the John Mellencamp the late 80s! On Till Midnight is rocked, here is all depends what Americana has to offer: Country, Rock, Punk, just as one wants to hear it!

I still remember when I was Chuck Ragan for the first time experienced live, then in 2010 as support of The Gaslight Anthem. I had never heard of him or his band Hot Water Music. Because this compact, super sympathetic guy comes with baseball cap and accompanied belted by the bearded violinist Jon Gaunt and his acoustic guitar on the stage, yelling going on and blows me almost, if this energy, this power, this presence on stage and this roaring smoky Voice. I previously knew only from Springsteen, although Chuck Ragan rather comes from the punk corner. Later I had the pleasure to see him in a jeans shop in Berlin to a mini-acoustic set very close and it has been confirmed, what a down to earth, charismatic, nice and easy saucooler type of Chuck Ragan yet. For the ingenious revival tour I have unfortunately not get a ticket. Just last year I was able to see him live once again as the main act. Since he has resorted to his famous old songs also. Since I had not expected such a homogenous, varied album as Super Till Midnight.

The first song Something May Catchfire could also come from the Bruce Springsteen album Wrecking Ball; goes out immediately in the ear canal and not so fast. The melodic Vagabound would wonderfully fit on Mellencamp's The Lonesome Jubilee, as the same following Non Typical. Countrytesker skirt that matches the mood and where you have to automatically mitwippen. Thus, a 5-star song follows the other. Although the songs sound known by the above references, yet the very own style of Chuck Ragan at any time to identify which of course is significantly influenced by this smoky, roaring rock voice of Chuck Ragan. And who does not want mitbr├╝llen at the irresistible Gave My Heart and stretch their fists in the air or at the Marvel and soulful ballad Country Wake With You will not get goosebumps, which is not helping. You and I alone dealt a beat with his country directly deepest in a bar into Texas or Oklahoma. There is the end of the ball adigen, beautiful goose bumps Song For all we care, perhaps the best song, the Chuck Ragan has ever recorded. A solid harmonious, balanced album without even a single skip song.

The songs are all acoustically instrumented, of course, the violin by Jon Gaunt shapes the sound greatly. With this of course is again bassist Joe Ginsberg. Guest musicians include Dave Hause, Ben Nichols of Lucero and David Hidalgo of Social Distortion and Rami Jaffee of the Wallflowers and Foo Fighters heard.
If there is to complain about anything at all, then perhaps being too terse playing time of almost 37 minutes. Of course, quality comes before quantity, but like I would have heard from this Chuck Ragan.

Chuck Ragan comes with his band again in June on tour in Germany. He still plays in a rather small clubs and that's a good thing! Do you a favor and listen and look at this guy! It will blow you away as he has me at that time and since then bowled over again! Unrestricted buy recommendation, both for this album as well as a ticket to one of his shows! Good job, Chuck!

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