Stable and mature board

Stable and mature board

Asus P5N72-T Premium ATX motherboard (Socket 775, no on board VGA, 1600 (OC) MHz FSB) (Accessories)

Customer Review

Hello everybody.
I use the board now for over a year and am still fully satisfied with it.
I've never had problems with the part.

It supports 45nm CPUs and FSB 1600 (OC)
And I must say that I myself the Core 2 Quad QX9770 there have and is stable without problems.
That which is a little strange is the arrangement of the PCI slots.
Here I would have liked a better layout.
Because if you want to build an SLI system is hat it here a bit heavy.
While it fit two cards purely however you get the problems with the lower USB Connect and unions.
If you can, however, dispense with the bracket USB ports has this been going.
The PCI Express slots for the sound card are somewhat Merck Worthy.
On the upper course you get only the supplied small Asus plan as all other normal maps a whole corner are bigger and then to the heat sink of the chipset hit you get the card so not at all pressed down only.
In the Second, you can only have one card mounting when the graphics card on the bottom PCIe slot Blue ie plugged all the way down in the housing.
Both Blue Slots are by the way and make 2.0 16 lanes.
Want to take So if you want to and not included Asus sound card in the PCIe format then a SLI system ever out of the question.
Since the black PCIe slot for graphics card makes only 8 lanes and is intended only for the 3 way SLI.

By the way 3 way SLI can only be used with a 8800 GTX - 8800 Ultra or 9800 GTX.
All other subsequent cards with the 200 chip, for example. 280GTX ect or 400 chip for example. 480GTX can only operate in SLI not in 3 Way SLI!

For me personally, but a SLI system has never been so relevant the board for me is the best I've ever had.
Overlocking I also operate not so I can not comment but as I've already read in many forums this works with this board quite well.
The RAM assist it is also fair to 1200MHz (OC) can be here to go now but express to me is now here to Heickel as all here know well who hatt what construction to do with how tricky the PC ect with the memory timing. can be;)

Up to 6 hard drives, you can connect the Raid controller is already on top of the board.
Are possible Raid 0 - 1 Raid - Raid 0 + 1 - Raid. 5

Also there is the beloved floppy connector and IDE connector.

The 12V auxiliary port for a CPU 8 PIN is the way so it make the power supply as a has. (8-pin EATX 12V)
The ATX power connector is a 24 pin. The board needs a power supply of at least 400 watts.

The accessories that you can still get to is also quite beiligend's example. a 3 Way SLI Bridge SLI Bridge and Main.

So I hope it was not too boring.
The board is my Two sets are to all who like it stable, although it is not the fastest when I look i7 gizmos me the next generation of the core but it runs safely and that's my opinion, the main thing for a motherboard .... ^ ^

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April 15
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