Such a feat would even I as an old friend Coldplay not have believed them!

Such a feat would even I as an old friend Coldplay not have believed them!

Ghost Stories (Audio CD)

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So what is that?

How did they do that?

I have long Coldplay friend, but right for fan's existence has hitherto's therefore not enough, because in each of their albums (except for "Viva La Vida") then nevertheless getting a bit too much filler here was (often 3-4 songs ); for this reason was "Mylo Xyloto" album as a milestone for me not that suited to this record live tour are still available (incredibly intense concert experience in Cologne in the summer of 2012). But what the guys deliver with "Ghost Stories", is of such emotional intensity and such a delicate fit between sounds, texts and melodies / song structures that you can hardly do justice to him verbally. The old theme of love and heartbreak - between one always thinks it's enough about been sung, and then along comes some actually completely mainstream dilapidated careerist like Chris Martin ... and therefore sings so wonderfully touching about the fact that one is or others tear can not resist - and I mean that seriously. "Got a tatoo, said 'Together Thru Life', carved in your name with my pocketed knife ..." or "If you were to ask me, after all that we've been trough, d'you still believe in magic? Oh yes, I do ... of course I do. " Goose bumps, just because Chris it somehow manages to this album, narrowly missing kitsch and triteness past and still tight so understandable and universal that one can not help but identify with it and all the critical distance that you usually over conventional Love -Schmonzetten cherishes, simply do not like pay - and then I call art.

Although many rock purists have a problem with here very electronically colored sound of the band, can only congratulate the British that they take nothing and this perfectly matched to the compositions combination of delicately sparkling spheres sounds and incredibly powerful bass than basic package Album have chosen, over which it then times with acoustic guitar ("Ink"), sometimes piano ("Magic"), sometimes electric guitar ("True Love") vary.

Bring out highlights from the 9 tracks not offers itself due to the constancy in terms of song quality and the homogeneity of the pieces; the whole thing is really a self-contained album. From the first stroke of the bass on the Slow-rock opener "Always in my head", the direction is clear; This sound takes a simple caught. Whether it be economical melancholic with "Magic", euphorically in love with "Ink" or melodramatic-despair with "True Love" (ingenious: the plaintive licks lead guitar) continues: The first four pieces form a Love jewel that it can absorb before seen in this segment in its emotional intensity with everything.
"Midnight" then provides a very different quality; Chris' rapt vocoder vocals and brilliant bass lines behind the discreet Nocturnes electric soundscape kidnap such a lively and authentic than ever before in a nocturnal scene, especially for instrumental Mid-8 with its shooting stars like bright staccato in electro sound with the catchy sounding bass line below applies: hear really loud, then you think you are actually in space.
"Another's Arms" and "Oceans" guide then quietly and with a little more acoustic elements to only "fast" song, the single "A Sky Full of Stars" on - pure sound orgasm with catchy song structure and melody. Interjection to all rock purists: Yes, that is also run in the discotheques and yes, there are pubescent teenager "leave", but is that really so bad? Engage plan, simply get involved time on it, then it is a simple skin.
With "O", the disc sounds then made even quieter than it is over long distances already; after such an emotional tour de force one has actually come down first as a listener.

My conclusion: Due to its immense emotional intensity of his all-round successful - if unusual for the much-vaunted fans of the first hour - spherically-somnabulen sound, its just straight to the heart accurate texts to long-running theme of love and its homogeneous quality in terms of songwriting is " Ghost Stories ", the hitherto strongest Coldplay album and one of the finest albums since at least the Millennium. It goes like this under the skin and interacts with the listener so intense that it was not for "Zwischendurch-" or "secondary" -Hear is, in my view, but you have to get involved with the board, to take time, and it on heard loud and best in the dark!

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