Suitable only very limited, for the smallest nose of the world

Suitable only very limited, for the smallest nose of the world

Premium Sleep Mask with cooling pad (also usable as cooling mask), black - the top seller for over 10 years! (Household goods)

Customer Review

I can understand the many positive Bewertunge not confirm, but find this Schlafbrille largely unsuitable because they just do not seal well enough. Property me a lot of thought about and tried to objectively get to the bottom. Here is my "result" :)

The sleeping mask has some design flaws that complement each other wonderfully and each again contribute more to poor fit.
a) the main problem is that the recess for the bridge of the nose is much too low! To grasp the glasses (ie middle) onto normal, the bottom edge is at the level of the cheekbones, which is significantly below the eyes and centered on the nose. Think up a piece of paper on his face, which has almost the same effect. This naturally means that the gap is formed between the nose and cheekbones significantly greater than necessary.
b) This gap of course has a "triangular". This cute foam tubes are not only "non-triangular" but flat, they are also not even 1cm high and thus seal off hardly anything. A simple piece of cloth dreiekcförmiges had since reached sooo much more.
c) The material is also too rigid (taking account of (a) and (b)). Right and left is the glasses off something. If you want to the press and close to his face, that's indeed wonderful with the rubber bands, but because (1) then press the too strong on the nose, so that one thus rather feel pain than that you fall asleep.

What shall I say so. A 1 sleeping mask from the -Laden has the same effect. The cheap masks from the airplane even seal even better since (b) is better avoided by broader substances. I can also just put a dark sneaker sock on his head because I reach through the flexible material even better density (you should then only not moving much :)).
It is a pity. Without (b) (c) would not be important. Without (a) would (b) are not significant. So, however, all adds.

These glasses are therefore actually really recommendable only for a few people.
If one divides the simplicity nose sizes in 1-3 ("small", "normal", "large"), so these glasses are really just for sizes
Shortly for the better:
The flexible rubber straps allow the glasses to adjust well, and the fabric is pleasant / soft. The processing works well. Unfortunately, there are no grounds for further stars because Erstgenanntes should be standard (rather point deduction in the absence, rather than extra point), and if the sleeping mask hardly served its purpose, makes it the best material quality not up for it.
The second star there is actually only for the interaction with the cooling pad. Less to cool the eyes, because you can put your eyeglasses poorly centered (see (a) + (c) -> it presses on the nose), but at 35 ° summer temperature makes the small cooling even forget this pain. Indeed, they have through the cooling pad and the rubber bands a type cooling headband, with which you can also walk around. Both at hot temperatures, as well as fever pleasant :) For a pure "cooling headband" but too expensive.

Completing it should be noted briefly that the glasses can also move up further, so that the bottom edge is not so much pushing on the nose. Then the foam pads sit right under the eyes or on the lower eyelids. Can be a little bear (but only without cooling pad, this would then press on the eyebrow part), but it is not a solution (I'm more on the verge cut me a larger opening for the bridge of the nose).

Verily disappointed Rank: 1/5
April 11
Comfortable light 1 Rank: 5/5
September 11
Piles of well-known brand Rank: 5/5
October 17

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