suitable with limitations - for younger children and the "off-and-on" -Use

suitable with limitations - for younger children and the "off-and-on" -Use

Snug Plug n Play Headphones for Kids DJ Style (Black) (Electronics)

Customer Review

= Delivery and packaging =
Delivered the headphones into one of those very stubborn, hard plastic shells that are very difficult to open. NOTE: This is also injury / cutting danger! Once open makes the headphones at first glance a high impression.
All visible parts are made of plastic, the silvery inserts on earphones.
The cable is firmly seated, the earphones are securely fastened, watch much one needs to plugged foam essays pulled off pretty easy, but the more serious can again raise - not really suitable for "Game Children" and you should make the children definitely attention that they should not zuppeln it here!

= For children? =
Is made that the headphones for children, you should really consider. It would be nice yet been specified Age: In my eyes, he is not for older children / aspiring young people, but really for young children until about 6-7 years (estimated).
My daughter (10), for which it was meant, already said he would push quickly.
Or - in other words - when children fit normal headphones, the Snug Plug n Play Headset is then too small:

- It expresses in adolescents / adults already during placement, because he's been working quite closely.
- The setting of "bracket length" is sufficient, which must not or hardly be extracted with children
Shortest adjustment (from middle ear to the middle ear and the outside measured): 40 cm
Längeste adjustment (from middle ear to the middle ear and the outside measured): 47 cm
- The diameter of the earphone is approximately 7 cm incl foam insert and about 4 cm without..

The color range is large, which is very nicely done, well thought out and attractive to children.

= Other =
The "plug" is a normal 3.5-jack plug that fits (with us) in all kinds of speaker connectors; Both the laptop, tablet and the phone this was without any problems. That the cable is attached to only one side, is super - just for kids.
Otherwise, there is no "child-specific" details or large adjustment possibilities: One is left with no frills and no further configuration options, so "missing" for example, a volume control on the cable itself The might have been useful in order to give children themselves a way to adjust the volume. to determine - perhaps with a maximum setting.
However, the size of the headphone shortcoming is mE: the lack of mobility of the earphones. In the picture you can see it is not, but the earphones are securely attached to the brackets; You can not customize the ear itself. I have endured because of this and also because of course the "earphones diameter" is very small, not more than a few minutes with the headphones.
The foam could also be a bit softer.

= Sound =
Bearing in mind that the headphones for children is made, the sound is enough - no more, no less.
We had tested it:
- On electric piano (totally ok sound, no noise, something "lighter" / "flash" than the otherwise used earphone)
- Radio plays on the laptop / cell phone (sound perfectly adequate)
- Music on the laptop / cell phone (with children-compatible volume and children compatible songs ok, in a noisy setting or something more sophisticated tunes the sound becomes a muffled sonic mush self-test: Pink Floyd on these headphones is absolutely * no * enjoyment - but maybe also needs. not :-)

Otherwise: Outwardly you can hear at normal volume hardly something one turns "on" (! So as children not to do), the sound penetrates to the outside, however - perhaps this is even a good feature for parents that it is now is really too loud.

= Conclusion =
The headset is good and fits the times listening for younger children up to primary school age, every now and then something on headphones. Since it is not common in this age group, permanently listening with headphones, this one is enough for radio plays or children's music that is occasionally consumed from. No "child-specific" settings possible.

Total: He he would certainly be something valent and you would spend for a few more Euros.
The price-performance ratio is ok if you have a "from-and-to-headset" for a younger child wants not fit the normal handset.
For more demanding or lasting listening pleasure it is neither suitable nor intended.

- This product has been made available for a test me. In assessing this has no effect. -

poorly operated Rank: 1/5
October 26
Bought back Rank: 5/5
September 14
Super 832 Rank: 5/5
August 28
Super purchase! 1 1 Rank: 5/5
August 12

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