super baby gate 2

super baby gate 2

BabyBjörn - 02 - Baby Carrier Active (Baby Care)

Customer Review

When making my birth list, I hesitated between the BabyBjorn and ERGObaby. But I read so many negative things about the BabyBjorn, which would be very uncomfortable for the baby, not respectful of its physiology, etc., I preferred the ERGObaby. I finally was a little disappointed: while he rendered great service when my daughter was infant, especially in the evening, at the time of weeping and 100 not in the apartment! But very quickly, most properties have been possible to use it: my daughter felt too tight in the support pillow, she could not be placed with the legs around my waist, but seemed to feel bad in `' frog position '' without the cushion. On the other hand, she wanted to see what was going on around her and turned his head in every direction. So I continued to use it. When she started to 5 months to have sufficiently developed pelvis, I tried to put it with the legs around my belly, and around my hip to the gap is less, but each time, she wriggled visibly uncomfortable, and crying after 5 minutes that I withdraws. After long hesitation I finally bought a BabyBjorn active, and this is happiness! I rediscover the pleasure of wearing my daughter (5 months and a half) in baby carrier, whether in the house or outside, and it also! It is not at all a bad back; can carry the baby against itself but also to the outside, and my little love that I and walks: she is at the age where we want to discover the world! The strap that goes between the legs is supposed to be uncomfortable for the baby: mine says absolutely nothing and be paid, yet it manifests itself loudly when something is unpleasant to him, so I think she is good! The settings are also super easy, rather than on the ERGObaby where it is difficult to adjust the tightness of the straps: we always feel that the baby is either too tight, sometimes too little. In the end, BabyBjorn baby carrier serves me well: when my daughter was a little grumpy because teeth and needs to be paid, I can walk in the house; to go for a walk, it's much better in the baby carrier with a small hat in stroller where she is blinded by the sun despite the umbrella, to go for a quick run into a store or to go city ​​where the stroller is not handy: in short, I do not regret my purchase! I can not attest to the use of the BabyBjorn with an infant, it may be necessary to wait until the baby is a little bigger to use it, and that you should not wear it too long in it, but warnings circulating about this baby carrier on the internet seem a bit excessive. It is a convenient product, and I will not hesitate to recommend it around me!

I publish my review a few months later my daughter nearly 10 months now, and there she starts to get a bit heavy to wear with the BabyBjorn, it takes me a little on the shoulders and on the back, and After some time, it is quickly tiring for me. So I came back to Ergobaby. Now it suits him well because it comes well to put her legs around my waist (this is fairly new), and to carry a rather heavy child, it is true that the fact Ergobaby significantly less back pain because all the weight worn on the hips.
In summary, I would say the 2 baby carriers are difficult to compare because they do not use the same ages of the baby. And finally, I am happy to have both!

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