Super delivery, best racing game ever

Super delivery, best racing game ever

Forza Motorsport 4 - [Xbox 360] (Video Game)

Customer Review

The game was at noon ordered the day before against 14 clock, came at the date of publication at 13.30 clock. That's what I call a very fleet delivery.

The game: In the beginning I was a bit irritated, as it is not too much changes are graphically to me (at first glance) compared to its predecessor. But after a few races it was clear. It has changed many things. The different times of day, perfectly implemented, if, for example purely from the cockpit view in the sunset moves (absolute hammergeil). The career mode has improved. There are up to 10 steps at each automaker, many different models especially Ferrari (including the new Italia) as well as classics such as the 1 Series Golf, the Golf or Audi RS2 2er (Year 90) are represented. The interior is perfect, you think you can sit in each car. The driving physics is the new benchmark for racing games.
I have my XBOX360 connected via YUV on a Samsung Full-HD plasma 50 inches (I am sitting about a meter away). Picture runs smoothly, is razor-sharp and colors that I have not seen even with Blueray. Fantastic. Clay runs through the optical cable to my 7.1 receiver (additionally 2 front high channels) Superb !!

For me, the best racing game that can be bought for money. The only thing that annoys me: In the events the individual times and cars are not saved. Too bad, so there is no comparison possibilities for the speed limits, distance traveled, podium finishes at each car separately (history) are saved

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