Super device can actually (almost) everything, but are in your home network, unfortunately, everything in 60Hz.

Super device can actually (almost) everything, but are in your home network, unfortunately, everything in 60Hz.

Sony BDP-S6200 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray player (Amazon Instant Video, 3D, Super WiFi, High Res playback, Internet radio, USB) (Electronics)

Customer Review

Update 29.6 .: 60Hz problem. That's why 1 star deduction
Update 23:07 .: Watch Ever now also available.

Summary advance:
Very quiet drive and quick loading of BDs, quick and convenient operation (Dual Core CPU, platform: OperaTV), many apps (max cathedrals, Amazone Prime, Watch Ever, Sat1, Tagesschau etc. plus thousands of "unimportant" things ...), faster browser (also using the keyboard & mouse / touchpad operated), many media formats (MKV, MP4 (even 1080 with 50p), AVI, XVID, WMV, all both via USB as well as DLNA; DIVX is not), in short: While the device is still is very new, it can be almost anything, hardly teething and especially: fast! I'm excited!

For further details:

My wishes: A BD player alone I do not need, but I would have a PS3. I want a device that in addition can also play as many video formats via DLNA, all commercial video stores dominated, a halfway current / functioning browser has Miracast can and are just no fan noises and is much quieter than the PS3, yet from the menu and in the apps (yes, I know, Amazon Prime, max cathedrals etc. there on the PS3) is similar afloat. UltraHD and 3D I have not currently, so I can not judge these points.

My reference devices are:
Sony PS3 -> was previously the ease of use unmatched, but just loud, consumes a lot of electricity, can play some video formats and can be controlled not mobile / Sonology Video Station.
Samsung BD-ES6000 -> SmartHub2012, very slow in the browser and in apps, but still could and everything was very quiet
Samsung BD-H5900 -> see review there also OperaTV as the Sony, but extremely limited App offer.
Samsung BD-H6500 -.> See review there unpleasantly loud drive (louder than the fan of the PS3), many teething

Technical data are well known, I would like to highlight 2 USB ports: Front and rear. Had the BD-ES600 also, all followers of Samsung no longer. But I find extremely useful if you want to connect a keyboard / touchpad combo permanently (in my case Logitech K400: Prima part for little money), then forwards the connection still free and it is not always the front USB flap from how just in the newer Samsung.

Menu navigation / Overall impression:
The menu is similar to the PS3 / PS4. I find it much more elaborate than the all Samsung player, which I had previously: Long file names can be in subdirectories almost completely read (Samsung at first glance only about 20 characters), it's nice brisk and well structured. Samsung (H-Series) you have your own App Picks (max 3 pieces) hold on the Home screen to good, but as all the rest can not be personalized, the profit a little.
Although the BD-S6200 only new to the market is (shorter than the BDP-H6500), he has much less childhood diseases and a larger app offer compared to the H6500. Spontaneous noticed with no bugs, possibly my Logitech receiver as "Unsupported USB device" appears in the menu. In your browser (and unfortunately only there) is the keyboard and the touchpad, however, to adapt a function Tatstaturbelegung (is set to English, so QWERY) I have not found.

Image Quality:
Feels better than anything I had previously. (May also be only a subjective impression, as I am currently enthusiastic about the device so any case:.! Not outstanding bad;) details, but you must wait by professionals).

BD / DVD mode:
Unnauffällig, fast loading times, quiet drive. Prima! BD and DVD are issued with the correct frequency (BDs with 24p; DVDs upscaled, yet with 50i, so everything as it should be).

Video / audio formats:
About Sony I had read that many video formats were only via USB and does not have DLNA, so I can confirm (in this model) NOT: Everything went via USB, went via DLNA. Very pleasing: with 1920x1080 50p / 60p goes well, that can not even Samsung's latest generation!
The following formats I've tested, they all work properly, both via USB as well as DLNA (DLNA server Synology and Synology Video Station):
Containers: AVI, MPG, MP4, MKV
Video codecs: H264 AVC (even with 1080p and 50fps, that could far none!), MPG1, MPG2, XVID and even different WMVs (versions I do not know, rather older).
Audio codecs: DTS, Dolby Digital, AAC, MP3, MP2, WMA (again Version unknown what older, have little WMVs and know me as well as with the versions not)
Unfortunately not the Divx container, and Divx Codecs 5 and 6. This is the only major gripe I have about this player. I give here anyway no rating deduction because I can live very well.
H264 AVC in AVI container is not synonymous, but is also an unusual and technically disadvantageous combination. Who has something it can without loss of quality via Avidemux in an MKV or MP4 container "repack", it works just fine.
Less encouraging: Out of Blu-Rays and DVDs are the players really all 60Hz (60i / 60p, depending on the setting in the setup) from what could (25p / 50i) cause problems especially in this country usual 50Hz (keyword "motion scaling "), ie to" micro stuttering "leads or may lead. I know such "micro stuttering", but here at the Sony they have not yet occurred to me only by a comment I found the problem (which apparently all Sony Player concerns by the way after a little internet research has always been, therefore, you should no hope of making updates).

All important because: Amazon Prime (against rumors to the contrary with Dolby Digital 5.1), max cathedrals, Watch Ever, Sat1, Pro7, Tagesschau, [...] many "useless" apps, but also divisions apps like ServusTV etc. To that extent, I the review of R & S understand not completely: Sony has here quickly after market launch the offer expanded (as I read here in another review, there is Amazon Prime bit longer), Samsung's BD-H6500 has long been on the market and still has no Amazon Prime (Stand 16.5.).
A browser on board, unfortunately, this does not support Flash (Samsung could, but also very sedate, has made so little fun to surf on Flash pages), but in times of HTML5 video also increasingly entbehrbar. For this you can surf much liquid to the browser, as on the Samsung devices.
The platform has OperaTV, my BD-H5900 very much forward to the, but there was no browser (which has just been surprised in Opera) and no video stores like max cathedrals or Amazon Prime. This should, according to Samsung Customer remain so what more surprises me more is that everything here is Sony doing. Seems to be a limitation of Samsung, and not of OperaTV itself.
YouTube is of course also present and can be remote controlled via prima Android YouTube app.

Works with Sony Xperia Z1, Z2, with a Samsung S3 it did not work (as of 16.5.), Where I do not know if it is just on S3 (latest Rome with Android 4.3) or the Sony.

Bottom line, I am very satisfied: My major criticisms are the lack of Divx codec and 60Hz output beyond DVD / BD. The former can nowadays I think get over, zweiteres I would tend to become a star deduction if I would add / see for yourself. It is absolutely incomprehensible, but there is obviously still Sony succeeded in this Mikroruckler to minimize, so you can not see practically (which does less well on my Onkyo, which is in between, or the plasma, allegedly compared to LCD to be prone to micro stuttering, lie), I give first no deduction, but stick with this "problem" on the ball.
In return, he is so far the only one of the 1080p with 50fps can, is silent, and the most popular formats and can Apps! Super! The attached keyboard should not appear in the menu as a USB device, the keyboard layout should be adjustable and it would be nice if the keyboard could also be used by more apps than the browser (I believe in Samsung it was also in some apps, am not quite sure, but not in max cathedrals, I remember). Who no dual-core (= faster menus and load times, has nothing to do with the video playback) and no need 4K, which is perhaps satisfied with the seemingly otherwise identical BDP-S5200.

More exciting Rank: 5/5
November 3
Does what it should do 7 Rank: 5/5
May 15
Easy and clear clock Rank: 4/5
April 7
for GoPro hero4 Rank: 5/5
December 18
very playful 13 Rank: 4/5
January 10
hyper kitsch! Rank: 1/5
December 7

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