Super device the second highest category

Super device the second highest category

HTC Desire S Smartphone (9.4 cm (3.7 inch) display, touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera, Android OS) muted black (Electronics)

Customer Review

The Desire S is the best Android phone on the market. This should present the Samsung Galaxy S II to be, both in terms of speed, as well as in terms of battery life, weight and display.

Nevertheless, I have decided on the Desire S, and for two reasons: First, it costs significantly less, and secondly, I like it better by design, and the somewhat smaller size, I personally find more practical.

After I now own four weeks, and already gained some experience, I want to share this love.

Android vs. iOS

.. That's well known, largely a matter of faith. In daily use the comparison for me can only mean one thing: Anyone who has ever owned an Android phone, will never change back to the iPhone. It simply lacks the extremely practical restore, warrants and search keys that you do not want to miss. The notification bar at the top of the screen (which is indeed now be copied with the version 5 of Apple) is so convenient that one wonders how it has endured on the iPhone ever without them.

Generally, Android is the system that a more opportunities (personalization, access on your mobile phone, etc.), while the i-ecosystem all may seem a bit rounder and coordinated more closely with each other. However, Android is now so stable and advanced that it is clear even without detailed knowledge, and it's really fun to use it. Some of the pre-installed Android and (even worse) HTC apps are good just nothing (eg the calendar and the e-mail widget), for which one but the Android Market easy replacement may seek.

HTC vs. Samsung

Again as a matter of faith. Surely Samsung is building good equipment, just like HTC. Certainly have models of both manufacturers have their own tics and hiccups. Samsung seems to be developing, which may be due to the many good and very good equipment that they bring out just at the moment the market leader. I was held only one thing from Samsung: the design. The devices from Samsung, I personally find neither outwardly beautiful (from the wave models apart), yet I like the TouchWiz interface. HTC Sense Personally I like better, and also the design of the Desire S makes me happy. Not least because of the design, I have finally decided on this model.

As far as my motivation to buy the Desire S. Now I would like to address a few points that struck me positively or negatively.

- After four weeks use I must say: All in all I am very satisfied! The device excites me as before, and it's incredibly fun to use it.

- Battery: The device must be under heavy usage (frequent switching, wireless, games, downloads from the Market, several hours operation with eingschaltetem display ...) every night be charged. However, it has never been so empty that it would shut down.

- Display: Super, by the somewhat smaller size at high resolution, it is very sharp. The touch screen responds smoothly.

- Processing: By pressing directly on the battery cover, it cracks a little bit, but not annoying. The gap between the screen and the edge is just as he heard all the same width. Since I have glued the screen protector at a slight angle and it is at a location above the gap, here accumulates at the bottom dust that sticks to the foil. But does not bother me.

- Reception: With Wi-Fi reception is weak, it helps to turn the device into landscape mode and to handle in the middle (ie not to cover the battery cover). Basically, the receiver is connected to the device, but very good, and talks mostly clear.

- Weight: The device is relatively heavy, which is of course the high-quality aluminum monobloc housing. Feels very high quality, but of course is a little heavier than a molded plastic device (Samsung).

- Buttons: The softkeys with the four functions react as good as ever and do not interfere in the normal operation.

Overall, I gained so far to any problem (in software) to find a solution on the Internet or in the Market. Meanwhile, there are the vast majority of apps for Android, so I miss no feature that could offer me an iPhone. Equipped with a 32 GB memory card is enough for me to the store for music, podcasts and audiobooks from sufficient.

Those who do not necessarily have an absolute high-end top device, but with the - quite high class - can be content specifications of the Desire S, receives for the price a top smartphone that me personally the reasons mentioned (optics, materials, size, , UI) is even better than a Samsung high-end device. The Desire S has disappointed me so far in any way, but excited in many ways and confident. Therefore, I would recommend this unit with a clear conscience, and it - even if I am very critical when it comes to technology - giving due to the overall very convincing impression of five star.

Thanks for reading!

Very handy 17 Rank: 4/5
April 12
A marvel 7 Rank: 5/5
April 17
top value for money 7 Rank: 5/5
February 13
Family 2 Rank: 4/5
July 10

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