Super docking station for home or office

Super docking station for home or office

HooToo USB 3.0 Dual Display Docking Station with DVI / HDMI up to 2048 x 1152, audio, Gigabit Ethernet and USB ports 6 for Windows

Customer Review

This dock was packed in a cardboard box, inside the cardboard box itself, the station was again placed in a small "paper plate" so that they can not slip, and also protected from scratches by a plastic sheet. So super packed so the docking station is also not damaged in transit.
Supplied also are a power cable, a USB cable (to the station with the computer to connect to), a CD with the necessary drivers, a DVI to VGA adapter, and includes a user manual.
I'll start with the operating instructions. These are available, among others, in an easily understandable German. In the manual, the product is thoroughly explained, in particular is again received on how to install the driver. Generally, the product is also so easy to set up that one is not necessarily dependent on the operating instructions. Just install the driver with the enclosed CD, providing the dock with electricity, and connect the USB cable to the laptop.
The included USB 3.0 cable to the docking station also affects me very well made. It is relatively thick and very stable, so a cable break is quite unlikely. The connectors at the ends seem to me, on both sides, very stable and of high quality. The included power cable is slightly thinner but again I'm not worried about a broken cable.

Now we come to the actual dock. DC when lifting first struck me, that's pretty easy this docking station that provides for me but not a problem. It is for the most part made of hard plastic, this seems quite stable for me, and I assume that it falls not long überlebt.Dies comes but if it is on the desk even more before. The station is kept in a black piano lacquer, and lights up in blue light. I find that this dock on my desk looks quite chic, but this is of course a matter of taste. It is quite small, so is not on my desk in the way. At the bottom of the station a type adhesive sheet is attached, this may be subtracted, and then secure the entire station on the desk. This adhesive is even strong enough to keep the station in the direction perpendicular to smooth my desk. However, makes the attach this station in this way, the cable plug rather inconvenient and I do not know if this really works permanently in operation. Personally, I'll just set up my station horizontally. The idea with the tape I find aufjedenfall super.
When the two terminals of the station you need to subtract them to put into operation (power and a USB 3.0 connector) are still 11 more connections available.
-2 USB 3.0 ports
-4 USB 2.0 ports
-1 HDMI connection
- 1 DVI port that you can use as a VGA connection to the adapter
-1 Lan connection
- Each a 3.5 jack microphone and headphone connection.
All connections seem very well made, the plug into these connectors sit superfirm because nothing wobbles. To say that is not all connections are on the back of the station, with the exception of the microphone and headphone port, these two are when you look at it on the product from the front on the left side. The number of ports enough for me completely, but you can also connect with the station still has the connections of the notebook additionally used

I can only recommend this product to all those who with the notebook to a big screen with Tatstatur and much more work. It is super processed and simple to use. The big advantage for me is that it is not tied to one manufacturer, so you can keep this station even if a new notebook anschafft itself, or anyway is working with several. So if you would like to work with his laptop at home, this dock your money's worth anyway. Simply super convenient, I am fully satisfied.
If I notice the passage of time on this dock anything else I will add it here of course.

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