Switching from Apple to Samsung (NO FAKE review) // EDIT 04/07/2015

Switching from Apple to Samsung (NO FAKE review) // EDIT 04/07/2015

Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (5-inch display, 16GB of memory, Android 5) charcoal-black (Wireless Phone)

Customer Review

Sun Contrary to 90% of all other reviews I really get this device (with Telekom contract) and have it so well in front of me. Since I had an iPhone 4 and 5 like this review targeted to a wide turn out interesting, precisely because I too. To 11.4 there was a man who rather then said Samsung's just garbage.

In spite of everything I ordered the S5, as this was to have clearly more favorable in the contract as the 5S Apple.

Appearance of:
The design in black is well done, the back is mE beautifully managed. It summarizes here not the typical plastic (from which the back is) but on land coating that feels very much like artificial leather. Therefore you do not need eingentlich envelope because the phone also so much better in the hand than the iPhone or older Samsung models (really bad I think the S4 Mini a colleague). The golf ball pattern is a matter of taste, although in gold mags resemble a pavement, in black, however, then siehts but very classy. Also fits the outer frame which is composed of well-processed plastic is. All in all, you have a chic, elegant and above all, very well-made instrument in hand here. In this point Samsung Apple is ahead of even a bit, because the back is comfortable in the hand.

The display:
Too much I do not want to say here: Matching color, huge (for me with Bear Paws is all within easy reach, ladies of creation should then but wait for the mini version) and everything good to use in all touch screen works perfectly so far and reliable , Resolution is in Full HD although the camera 4K movies can do.

The battery:
Yes here then but a shortcoming. The battery is rated extremely low with 2800mAh and extends at least currently rare for the whole day. For this I must say that I did with the iPhone also had and which then after the first "I have my new equipment have constantly in hand and play around" period has improved, so that the battery of the iPhone 5 will also loose time 2-3 days by holding. I expect the same here.

The camera:
The fast autofocus is really as promised, the images can be knotless record in different resolutions and particularly impressive: the 4K movie recording function. (Admittedly nobody needs especially not at max. 80GB in the phone but it has but what) These dan there still loose 24 additional functions (approx), which I all have not found at all. Especially nice and well functioning of HDR mode. Great pictures! :)

Remaining equipment:
CPU and 2GB RAM are mE sufficient. I need not have a computer in your pocket. All apps that I use so (WhatsApp, Facebook, several games, sports apps Fahrplaner etc pp.) Usually open within a few seconds (maximum times were 3 seconds with me) and so I have no problems here. The memory is 16GB internally, an SD card slot (the small SD of course) is present and makes up to 64GB with. Total therefore up to 80GB memory and also because I think you're well off. As far as not even had my first computer. Is loaded with USB 2.0, but the phone has a (functioning) USB 3.0 port.

The fingerprint sensor:
What can I say? Once the finger over and bang I'm in. This thing works absolutely flawlessly. The impression is registered in the one (I think) 10 times over the sensor with the finger pulls so you differ sometimes slightly or hold your finger diagonally / tilt can without which he says: No match. If the / fingers (up to 3 possible) then but times are from: not an issue, you can alternatively also enter a password. Here you'll find me no problems and even extra points for good function.

The heart rate monitor:
Well, almost unnecessary. Is relatively accurate with slight variations, is fix, but I do not need. Well even the Note: Do not use for medical purposes.

Waterproof to IP67:
(Ie a maximum of 30 minutes at a maximum of 1 meter of water completely waterproof)
I habs not tried, but have already seen a few videos on YouTube. The phone seems to videos to be waterproof, try, I will not, but it is for example at parties then quite good to know that there abkann what. I habs also looked at, all openings have gaskets protect the important parts. Open holes (eg headphones or micro) have either a plastic membrane behind it or they do not need anything (Ex .: headphone jack). Additionally there for every start and anch any store, a word that you have to watch it all the is closed.

Operating System:
Kitkat 4.4.2 is delivered. in my opinion, easier to use than iOS 7.0 / 7.1. For me personally the transition is extremely easy favor and I will probably in the future rather than to rely on Samsung Apple.


All in all a complete carefree smartphone. Currently, the only slight drawback of slightly weak battery, but I think that will still settle. And I really Apple fanatics than me must admit here: If I had time earlier a Samsung taken. In the end, neither Apple nor Samsung take great something Samsung has just the great advantage that you can do as you like, so annoying programs like iTunes you do not need here. And that's one of the reasons why I prefer Samsung now. Each of the S5 varies whether or 5S I can only say: Then maybe Samsung. When in doubt, because the display is larger. At the end you have to know it myself, but I think as a former Apple user can quickly get used to it and come good so clear, so that the switch just falls and you calmly something can taste new. Once Apple always Apple's history. Great screen protectors are incidentally nachzukaufen. The original sets up dirt under the tab on, dear again 2-3 invest therefore for a few films that cost nothing.

So long

PS: like to write If you have questions about the device in the comments, I'll all questions as much as possible answer. And if people necessarily have to say I would not have my phone and Samsung fanatics would I do if need be also a proof of the entire photo.
PPS: I have to say however that the transition from an S4 probably not very worthwhile. The display is 0.1 inches taller. However one has the technical gadgets. :)

EDIT 21/04/2014:

After 10 days smoothness here we go wrong with the negative. Since yesterday, the camera app adopted, one has to select no more options, the switches through the images, all images to black on what you have selected from the list. The Samsung hangs etc pp. Many small things heir coming together that make the phone unusable since yesterday.

My personal guess is the fact that it could be on Android 4.4.2, I will now just reinstall the OS and see if that causes an improvement. Regardless obs then goes back or not can be found here directly a star deduction, because even if it should be a software problem belongs with the product and is therefore unacceptable. As a layman, you hereby would again etc. any hotlines call.

EDIT 21/04/2014 # 2:

After I left the phone 2 hours in his pocket everything took care of itself. Could then reset again, even if it would not at all have been necessary. I'll put the rating back to 5 stars, which should alelrdings again baseless occur as now there the star again. Once suspend MMN is OK Let's see. I remain still at a buy recommendation.

EDIT 04/06/2014:

Meanwhile, there was no more problems (of any nature). The mobile phone runs properly. Yesterday once again my iPhone 4 angeschmissen and it was a disaster. Only the first app update the phone is lubricated three times .. I am really currently more than satisfied with the Samsung. Property there now nothing further came the rating back to 5 stars set. And a note yet: Please give any importance to the comments this review is a fake. I have both smartphones and I find the S5 also compared to 5S a colleague simply more practical. His phone often crashes mine since 21:04. never again, so to speak only once.

EDIT 04/07/2015:
After one year of use I stay mostly with my vote. 3 little notes I got:
1. (although nothing to do with the phone): Just install a 5 Android. In my opinion, an absolute disaster, the phone runs much better with 4.4.2. In a pinch, but there's plenty of tutorials to downgrade (at your own risk).
2. I had no more crashes with the phone. Since a wondrous afternoon all is well.
3. The load cover is pulled down with me after normal use over 2 weeks ago. This should not really be, was also the Samsung support and has the part exchanged directly. In addition, the plastic frame which was already dented ziemlcih with me, an overhaul was got or made new, as compensation for the torn off the cover charge. Good support at this point by Samsung (Note: For the Telekom this should have been made subject to a charge, with such things so always turn to Samsung).

So long

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