Integral Fusion USB 32GB


  • Integral Fusion USB 32GB  

    Integral Fusion 32GB USB Stick (Accessory)
    Express Delivery !!! Yet from abroad. Simple and discreet packaging impeccable, ideal for boxes with simple letters. Key to the ideal size for minimum side ports portable Pc. Extra memory for old PC under Windows 7 with ReadyBoost option and giving i
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    Integral Fusion 32GB USB Stick (Accessory)
    very compact and of excellent quality, good grip and really mini. all my friends have ordered one !! very cheap and large capacity: 32 GB, is really great. placed permanently on my car radio usb socket, it passes innaperçue. seller very seriously and
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    Integral Fusion 32GB USB Stick (Accessory)
    Using external memory for Wii U. Well this time. Would recommend ++ is not seen, very discreet.
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    Integral Fusion 32GB USB Stick (Accessory)
    Permanently left on the USB socket of my vehicle. Undergoes temperature changes of less than 0 ° C to 45 ° C and still works. We'll see in time, but for now, very satisfied especially small footprint.
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    Integral Fusion 32GB USB Stick (Accessory)
    Small high-capacity drive. To be perfect I have wanted a small link to attach the cap to the key.
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    Integral Fusion 32GB USB Stick (Accessory)
    The key is very small which is very convenient to put on the side of a computer or a DTT receiver. On this last feature demodulator tells me that the device is not fast enough, yet I have no SD recording a cumulative loss simultaneous playback of ano