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  • Good little book! 2  

    Introduction to Medieval Philosophy (Paperback)
    I enjoyed this introduction. It is well worth its 4 stars or 5. The author compares two back to back contemporary thinkers over the centuries of the Middle Ages. It is usually very clear and easy to read (except the part Averroes Avicenna, a little c
  • Book indispensable and enjoyable to read  

    Introduction to Medieval Philosophy (Paperback)
    For those like me who are looking for a gateway into the mind of medieval fascinating period, profound but often dirty from gougnafiers and charlatans, do not miss this book because this is a work absolutely must! The author is a historian and philos
  • From the theological statement as assertiveness  

    Introduction to Medieval Philosophy (Paperback)
    "The libri carolini remain a single document for the history of the conflict between the Latin West and Byzantium. They show us what was around the year 800, the use that thought doing philosophy. By that text, Charlemagne entered the so-called feud