Long Hard Look


  • one of the best melodic rock recordings ever  

    Long Hard Look (Audio CD)
    Lou Gramm of Foreigner singer has here one of the best albums ever created with the help of Peter Wolf as a songwriter who has written already for Starship hits we "Sara". killer album.
  • Pearl of music history  

    Long Hard Look (Audio CD)
    This CD Lou Gramm has even more. The "True Blue" was already good but "Long Hard Look" is even better. One can hear through the CD and then all the tracks speak to a somehow. And they spread instantly good mood. Here are pieces th
  • The voice of the rock  

    Long Hard Look (Audio CD)
    What the FOREIGNER singers here are the best leaves the Handset only goose bumps! Here, give very expensive guitar the jack in the hand: Dann Huff (Giant, renowned studio guitarist), VIV CAMPBELL (DIO, Def Leppard and others) as well as the saugroovi
  • Long lost jewel  

    Long Hard Look (Audio CD)
    Lou Gramm and his unique voice has the 70s and 80s the group Foreigner brought some and very great success. And rightly so. Nevertheless, Lou had to make 2 solo CDs grams sometimes. Firstly, the Ready Or Not with the hit "Midnight Blue" - s