Retractable Telescopic Hand Held Monopod (Black)


  • Nice and stable. Unfortunately, without Bluetooth trigger.  

    Extendable Hand telescopic monopod (Misc.)
    I have received before short as part of a product testing these extendable camera Stick for free for testing and would now like to report on it. The stick is well protected in a small cardboard box. The stick itself is processed stable and quite high
  • Light and sturdy tripod  

    Extendable Hand telescopic monopod (Misc.)
    The Selfie tripod is small collapsible to 22 cm and can be extended to any length required up to 107 cm. Simply pull out. The stand is 110 g light and yet makes a robust impression. It is a common tripod mount (screw) mounted. It can either be a hold
  • Great camera tripod  

    Extendable Hand telescopic monopod (Misc.)
    Well what can you capitalize on a camera bracket? It is stable and does the job. Like us very well
  • Good arm extension for spectacular shots  

    Extendable Hand telescopic monopod (Misc.)
    Selfies with arm extensions as the extendable telescopic monopod hand're all the rage and no one seems able to forego such gadgets. This Selfie-rod comes in a sturdy cardboard packaging into the house, from which the only 130g heavy bracket is quickl
  • Feels a bit unstable.  

    Extendable Hand telescopic monopod (Misc.)
    Have bought the telescopic rod for my SJ4000. Unfortunately, the threaded bolt is a bit too long, so I had to ne shim between the camera and threaded insert. Did the part then tried on a ski vacation. Ansich not bad but not good either. Makes a prett