The beginning: an endless question!

The beginning: an endless question!

Discourse on the Origin of the Universe (Paperback)

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Discourse on the origin of the universe / Etienne Klein
Comment Such a speech is not easy when one is not really a specialist. Whether in praise or criticism, we risk BE excessive or insufficient.
What I can say is that i had fun and easier to read this speech very innovative compared to what javais also read at various authors addressing this issue.
What it takes particular note, this is the opening of mind holds Klein and lack of bigotry. And his explanations are clear, with no mathematical formula that increase or complicate the debate.
Indeed it seemed that he knew my simplify the problem of the origin universe and bring in fine to the right dimension that remains metaphysical if not philosophical after the turn of the issue by using physics, mathematics and cosmology.
For barriers of all kinds arise whenever one wants to just talk about the origin and demblée semantic difficulties, for language quickly shows its weaknesses when it seeks to achieve a reality that disperses. We quickly leads to an aporia. As the author says with humor, with words that are available as ammunition, we are likely to miss the target.
Not to mention the simmering conflict for centuries between scientific cosmology and religion to see "enter into rivalry orders of belief and knowledge. "
But here: it is necessary to get an idea of ​​what was the early universe to cross the "Planck Wall" which stands after lon managed to climb up to 13.7 billion of years for provisional age of the universe, and upstream which current physical theories are powerless to describe what happened.
Researchers do not despair to take this step with the largest particle accelerator (LHC) at CERN on the Swiss border.
Two big questions automatically come to mind: How and why the universe appeared if indeed that it appeared one day = y does it really had a beginning? What is its purpose?
What is certain, this is that the universe is not static: it expands, it is diluted, it cools. Space stretches carrying galaxies that give the impression of moving. The work of Hubble and Einstein proved this fact. So if lon back in time by wrapping the film in reverse, we must reach a zero volume and infinite density universe, what one calls the "initial singularity". Strange though!
Another certainty since Galileo, considering that the universe consists of one kind of matter and the laws that govern it are universal, unchanging in time and space and expressed in mathematical language.
Can we say that the container of all physical objects is itself a physical object? The first Einstein in his theory of general relativity think. But beware, if the contained objects have a story, it does not go without saying that the container is similar. "The history of the universe can not be reduced to that of its constituents. "
Unfortunately the magnificent theory of general relativity dEinstein will not allow us to understand primordial universe, as it does not take into account the three forces are the interaction of electromagnetic Maxwell, weak nuclear and strong nuclear the interaction the interaction, but only gravity. Only quantum physics allows délaborer assumptions, which applies it to the world linfiniment small, the particles. In fact you should invent a quantum theory of gravity.
E.Klein says, "the big bang does not correspond to the actual creation of the universe, but simply that it has a particular episode traverséLe time zero is a purely theoretical construction.
It would rather find something to see behind the Planck wall: this is where the beautiful theory of superstrings Veneziano comes in, offering dunification prospects of quantum physics with relativity: indeed according Veneziano, any particle a vibrating string is obeying the laws of relativity and quantum physics. Lon and also speaks again of the famous geometric spaces or Calabi-Yau who conceives a world where the number of hidden dimensions is multiple. By deduction, "if superstring theory is correct, the big bang as we usually conceive didnt have happened. "
The mirror universe theory will complement this vision with the branes that will lead to a 'model dunivers ekpyrotic (Steinhardt and Turok), which is a fire that is born, sembrase, extinguished and then reborn again. "Design defended the US V century BC by Heraclitus !!
The idea attractive Stephen Hawking is repeated here: the universe is finite but did not limit volume, which means that it has not had a beginning.
Thus we discover a universe that na in any case have been created ex nihilo. "The big bang nest quune phase transition between two periods of the universe. "
The recent theory of loop quantum gravity linstant zero confirms that didnt exist.
Further E.Klein explains quen vacuum quantum physics is not empty; it contains the energy and virtual particles dhibernation ontological status.
The vacuum can lend energy to these virtual particles to update temporarily. "The vacuum appears as the state of the base material, one that contains its potential dexistence. The quantum vacuum contains virtual particles and under the effect of dune expansion space very fast (inflation), as might have been the case in the primordial stage of the universe, these particles gain the energy which allows them to materialize, thus becoming real. The expansion of the universe plays out as an internal reservoir of energy: it allows to create quantum vacuum of matter that flows out of it. Universe thus appears to be a very special system: it didnt dextériorité and that is its own expansion which brings the energy of this in mind, the story becomes cosmic adventure of a universe infinite in time that replicates tirelessly réémergeant periodically renews itself . "
It then appears that "marriage of quantum physics and general relativity leads to the abolition of the creation of the universe. "
For completeness, E.Klein also addresses the concept of dark matter and dark of energy, invisible and transparent but still representing 9/10 of the mass of the universe. Not to mention the stealth Higgs boson particle responsible for the mass of particles! It also addresses the idea of ​​transcendence and immanence of physical laws, or technically pure Platonic conception.
As said E.Klein to conclude: "The beginning, an endless question! "
But I must say that the speech announcement answers the question and provides dentrevoir Planck something behind the wall.
Unless ny that he is nothing and that this wall is quune to mind.

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