The best album and the best singer

The best album and the best singer

M! Ssundaztood (Audio CD)

Customer Review

You can not get stuck in a Pink certain genre of music - and her album "M ssundaztood!" Is the best proof! Do not let yourselves be fooled by actually pretty unspectacular CD cover, because behind it lies a spectacular listening pleasure!

Was Pink's 2000 debut album "Can not Take Me Home" still very much influenced by R & B and hip-hop, here the true talent of Alecia Beth Moore comes to light.

Without exception, all of the tracks on "M ssundaztood" are terrific and are full of creativity, great lyrics, spontaneity, great melodies, ... and you can tell - Pink loves music more than anything!

Produced most of the songs by Linda Perry, whose phone number Pink fell by chance into the hands and thus was a great collaboration. Even as a teenager was Pink fan of Linda Perry, the lead singer, the band 1990 "4 Non Blondes". Linda is also due to that Pink opened much more in their lyrics, and thus a very autobiographical album was "M ssundaztood!": By tinged by Country Sounds Soul track "Dear Diary" and the fantastic song "My Vietnam", is one a lot closer to a world star and you realize that Pink (the white woman with the voice of a black) happens to be just a man.

Other producers on the album include Dallas Austin ("Numb", "Just Like A Pill", "18 Wheeler", "Do not Let Me Get Me"), Damon Elliott (who together produced with Pink and Linda Perry some songs) , Scott Storch ("Family Portrait") and Richie Supa ("Misery").

At talented 'guest vocalists' there is no lack: As would Steven Tyler, who are with Pink his duet part on the song "Misery" to the best, Scratch, who presents his beatbox skills on "Respect" and of course, Linda Perry, who in "Lonely Girl "brings to doubt (one of the most emotional songs on the album), Pink.

Almost all songs (12 of 15 songs) have been written by Pink and even go quite in the width. Pink is not committed to a genre firmly but presents almost all categories, and there are mixes different genres on her album.

"M! Ssundaztood" is influenced by R'n'B, rock, hip hop, alternative, jazz, soul, country, blues, electro, ... In every single piece Pink's multifaceted voice is used and shows an, until then unprecedented album experience!

The album should be recommended, since it is extraordinary, touching, cool, different and just perfect. Every song is unique in its text and in its melody - and Pink's expressive-unique voice gives them all a terrific touch.

Special Anspieltipps I can not name, unfortunately, because every song is great.

"M ssundaztood" gets definitely 5 star, as it still is for 5 years in my CD player, and simply can not be ignored - and has always earned a place in the list of the best albums in music history "M ssundaztood!".

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