The best album by Pink Floyd?  Certainly not.

The best album by Pink Floyd? Certainly not.

The Endless River (Audio CD)

Customer Review

This album is like a class reunion. You meet old friends and yet there are people able to show the new sides of themselves.

If many titles of this album it comes to the connoisseur so that it can establish links with titles of older albums. There are quite typical Pink Floyd tracks and one thinks much again to recognize, but it is new, so not yet published.
It builds on albums like "The Division Bell", "Wish You Were Here" and "The Dark Side of the Moon" (for me the best album of Pink Floyd) and is also a tribute to the late Richard Wright in 2008, the was still involved in the development of many titles of this album.
For friend of Pink Floyd music an absolute "must have". As an introduction to the work of this group but probably less suitable

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