The best family console of the moment, with one of the best games for the whole family

The best family console of the moment, with one of the best games for the whole family

Nintendo Wii U 32GB black + Mario Kart 8 - premium package (Console)

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When the Wii U is released, the gaming community was, overall, a bit puzzled. A console with the technical characteristics of aging Xbox 360 and PS3, at a time when Sony and Microsoft were about to leave the giants of computing power.

After a difficult first year, abandoning a lot of other publishers, Nintendo has created a stir in 2014 by creating the event at E3 and then by linking ads and enticing hyper outputs: Mario Kart 8 spring a new Zelda in 2015, Super Smash Bros in late 2014 ... Meanwhile, the Xbox One and PS4 failed to attract family games. Result: the end of 2014, the Wii U, despite a limited catalog, is the only current generation console to offer things that are not found on any other console.

With me, so we settled for the new generation, do not opt ​​for the Xbox One (which could have been a logical choice since we have an Xbox 360), but rather to make a Wii U. Two consoles: Wii U with the rare but excellent Nintendo games - Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros., Zelda Wind Waker HD Mario 3D World, etc., and the Xbox 360, which allows me to play GTA, Assassin's Creed and other little present games on consoles Nintendo.

This pack contains, in addition to the console, black edition and with 32GB of internal storage (with 5 or 6 used by the operating system), excellent game Mario Kart 8, here in its version than the same CD you can buy separately, so that you can sell or lend (careful, there is another pack Wii U Mario Kart but with the pre-installed game and not on CD).

Important point: as virtually all Wii U packs, the only controller is the gamepad included. That's enough to play almost all the games solo, but if you want to play more, it will equip you with Wiimote or Wii U Pro controllers approximately forty euros per additional controller.

In conclusion: this pack contains the best family console of the moment, with one of the best games for the whole family.

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February 14
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