The best racing game ever unfinished.  Ever, ever!

The best racing game ever unfinished. Ever, ever!

Forza Motorsport 5 - Day One - Edition - [Xbox One] (Video Game)

Customer Review

As Xbox novice and racing game fan alike, Forza 5 for me was a must buy. It is the time of its release the single NextGen racing game that collector's instinct, driving fun and precise simulation as well as Gran Turismo combines. For this purpose, it looks damn good: car models, track lighting and cockpit perspective are in Forza State of the Art Defitize there are at ambient effects like weather and night driving, because both Microsoft's lack Racer completely.. If that's even noticed it missing immediately: How great it would be if you could race through the Bernese Alps in the sleet or at night during a thunderstorm? But that is not the only chance thoughtlessly passes on the Forza 5.

Let's stay on the routes: The Bernese Alps are by far the most beautiful route of the game, closely followed by Prague. The rest you can forget about, because here you will find "only" official race tracks such as Spa Francorchamps, Le Mans, Silverstone and Laguna Seca. Basically nothing against this circular routes, but if you pack only 14 routes in a game, you should pay attention to the change, otherwise it will be quite boring. Exactly joined me namely: Where initially euphoria prevailed because of the great driving experience, this gave way after a few days brittle disenchantment. As much as the routes differ in their form, as uniform is their appearance: constantly sees only bleachers, grass, sand and a few tire wall. Surely the time has been wanting to create more tracks, because the game had to be ready to release the Xbox One yes - but you can not just ignore it.

My main problem is, however, (even if that sounds weird first) simply the perfect gameplay: Had a bad game Forza 5, could absorb the deficits better. But with each grip to the controller you can experience an unsurpassed plastic ride: You can feel the nuances of physical forces by the fingertip because the Rumble motors give the triggers so precise feedback. One seems to feel almost the centrifugal force when the chassis sets at 120 things in the curve, the rumble when you touch the curbs. This simultaneously accessible and sophisticated control, the contact that you have as a player to the car and the track, it has not existed in this form. The differences between front- and rear-wheel drive make itself felt when driving, and depending on the performance class, weight and layout of a vehicle, the car behaves much differently. In real life, I was the owner of a Mazda RX-8 and have driven this car in various racing games, which Forza 5 reality so far is closest. And when the Corvette ZR-1 will turn away with 647PS to the rear axle under my butt, because the truck is overpowered hopeless, I'll buy that from the game. Just as I abkaufe him to be with thinking drivers instead CPU rivals on the track, because the Drivatar feature works terrific. Here it is, the end of the rubber band AI. Thank Turn10.

Add to this the numerous tuning options to the vehicle, the significant impact on all performance areas, and of course on the optics. It's fun, a Toyota 86 to miss a couple of sills and a turbocharger and then go to the track to test the part. If you want to simply indulge in only the beauty of a car and consider every detail of the area, there is the Forza Vista function. So I can after finishing tuning work to walk around my car and Ranzoomen everywhere, open the doors, sit behind the wheel and I even ollen decorative stitching on the steering wheel (!) Look. Go for car lovers and graphic whores here wet dreams come true. Laudable are the whole setting of the game itself: not only can be tens of driving aids enable / disable; it also has the ability to optimize the complete HUD to their own taste. Intervals, map, damage display - everything can be individually and on exhibit. Exemplary!

With so many good genes Forza 5 brings, it's a shame, as it is in terms of scope and variety nearing starvation. The 200 vehicles pass me actually - but only 14 routes and maybe 3 different game modes? That's damn skinny. What would you as yet can do everything: Knockout mode, off-road challenges, 1 vs. 1 Bossgegner race, as I'm also drift races - unless it's Gymkhana, bring it on! Currently Forza has 5 the same effect on me as then GT5 Prologue: Sophisticated gameplay, hardly content. This impression fits the questionable DLC policy, should be submitted with the content. One certainly perfidious business model, because I'm already hooked by what Forza 5 as well can and will present no other racing game - I just want more variety. I am in a dilemma, because I want to be milked as a customer not financially, then I would immediately take 10 EUR spent on a haul DLC. How nice it would be to race with this fantastic ride through a nocturnal New York or to prance through the curves and tunnels of the Cote d'Azur. Whet your appetite? Me too.

A free content update would be desirable at this point. Should the meager extent actually be owed to a short development time and not a wily DLC sale plan, I expect even - finally I as a player can not do anything for the deadline agreements between Microsoft and its developer. It remains the hope that after many DLCs a Complete Edition will come with more routes and modes sometime in the Forza 5 can show its true greatness. Because in the end I want full NextGen Entertainment from the moment in which I insert the disc, and not only the mere vision of a great game. With Forza 5 Microsoft therefore has a flawless 5-star game at the start. Now you just have to step on the gas.

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