The Black Dahlia was a woman

The Black Dahlia was a woman

The case of the Black Dahlia: Further investigation Status: New evidence (Paperback)

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It is the perpetrators who write with the guts of their victims. There are men who write with their guts: it is a signature, a rare talent.
Steve Hodel is a detective who has seen, investigated and resolved more than 300 crimes, he could be blasé. His profession he kept professionalism pointed questions. From his experience of life it offers us a profoundly human gaze. He gives us, yes, the son reunited canvas its investigative work. And that would have been enough to make a book to read. Slowly. But the crime he reveals, between the lines, is a call that Aragon would have disowned by: because it demonstrates, too, as we unveil a work of art, the Woman. This crime, "the Black Dahlia" was the subject of miles comments. Steve Hodel has made the Black Dahlia, a woman. And the women, her sisters.
Strangely, this book, precise, hard work, the almost total absence of the Investigator fading before the facts, questions, lets show through, too, a man of brilliant humanity. It is impossible, after this book, talking about the "Black Dahlia" ... Her name was Elizabeth, Elizabeth Short. She was 22 years old. She loved life. She was a pretty woman. She was nice.
It was transformed into "Happening".
By lifting the canvas surrounding strangely Steve Hodel was covered with a blanket of tenderness.

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