The Canon EF 70-300mm f / 4.0-5.6 IS USM: Excellent and qualities that count.

The Canon EF 70-300mm f / 4.0-5.6 IS USM: Excellent and qualities that count.

Canon EF 70-300mm f / 4-5.6 IS USM (Accessory)

Customer Review

But what satisfaction: For behold an objective which properly used and well-chosen situations do not disappoint you !!! ... In two words, here is the kind of goal which in due course will leave you "to fall" !!! Not a penny invested Euro which is regrettable, because ... this is a great Goal investisement certainly and this for several reasons "very objective".

For a fee rather reasonable, you have access to some features, for which "warned" photographer, really mean something. Ie that put in real situations (depending of course use), it will allow that many other objectives can not claim to offer: A dive that throughout the range of focal lengths from 70mm up 235 mm is actually "very good to say excellent" especially for this price !!, but better yet, where other flex goals and that's to say, he manages up to 300 mm, (the maximum focal length) to remain rather good and even very good.
For those who know a little ZOOMS This retention characteristic of the image sharpness, throughout, from 70 to 300 mmm is rare enough to be noted and valuable.
Although obviously it is appropriate to this very good target in direct comparison with the superb: Zoom Canon 70-200 L series (non-stabilized) and whose price is relatively close to 70-300. Of course, the 70-200, has like any self-respecting L series, exceptional build quality (and it is well on tropicalized) and offers a dive from 70 to 200, really spectacular ... So many regular surely s' Asked ... which to choose?

Well: A CONTRIBUTION IMPORTANT FABULOUS and this is the 70-300 IS stabilizer, ultra éfficace! and making hand for lifting, if you want to use relatively low speeds, power down to 1/125 of around 300 mm, this lens allows you electronically stabilized !!! ...
All this, knowing that with a non-stabilized lens you will get no help: consider well with the magnification ratio of 1.6 times, CMOS sensors, Reflex APS-C (Eos 450D to 550D, and 40D, 50D, 60D etc ...) you end up to 300 mm with a 480 mm telephoto !!! (No less ...) ... So, without electronic of the SI, for very safe hands, you can possibly work 1/250 second, to see a little less, but by measuring safety, you should in principle remain in the vicinity of 1/500 second.
And so it is through its IS system this objective, you can in many cases reduce the long-awaited shot .. .. .. so that with a standard lens .. .. .. we are often led to ISO climb very quickly, to increase the sensitivity of the sensor, to reduce the exposure time to the maximum.

In fact, it turns out that the image stabilizer of 70-300 is not there to make fun or pretty and it turns to the use efficiency of incredible !!!!
Indeed, properly used, the stabilizer is a true "electronic assistant" to avoid the effects of camera shake !! inherent in handheld shooting. If on top of that, you have the steady hand !!! then feats are at your reach !!! (On Tripod: better to turn it off, to avoid in this case, the way to compensate the effects of camera shake stabilizer system).

So: The sharpness is very good and on the whole scale of focal lengths from 70 to 300 mm. Also, the stabilizer is a valuable aid to the shot, no doubt about it.

But as there are more subtle and a great surprise for this Canon 70-300 is the real vivid colors !!! superb !!!, and equally surprising, in addition to this relatively reasonable price, you get a vivid picture of high light !!! (-VIVID - !!!) And pleasing contrasts !!! In fact where we could expect something good, we had very very good !!! almost like a L series. Sober appearance, this objective surprised!

The fact that this objective also delivers us great shots wide open !!! F4 soon, is also a great thing ... rare!
Autofocus is relatively acceptable velocity, very correct in fact, but do not expect a race horse all the same.
There is a slight play at the "Fut" the objective and if we are not careful it was sometimes wanders a little up and down .. but do not worry! That is who takes care of his equipment .... rather anecdotal! if so, because you can put it into "Lock" mode when the lens is at rest.
The grip is good to very good! it is well in hand! and feel that it has been well in hand is nice, and light is quite an asset to our neck in the evening.
USM is ultra éfficace. However, there is no development of readjustment, which peuts'avérer embarrassing in some cases of up critical focusing. he must then switch to manual mode, and it lost a little efficiency, especially as the wheel of focus is placed too in front of the lens to be truly "practical".
But moderately swift autofocus, fortunately exceptionally accurate, and the latter is not to be overlooked !!! much more precise and formidable as a series "ECO" (like "atrocious" Canon 75-300mm) that has nothing to do with but then this rather exceptional 70-300!

In fact: It is lightweight, good grip, very good sharpness, very good levels of contrast, super bright colors, USM, beautiful finish, if so, and besides, it is beautiful !!! If so too.

In terms of image quality, rendering general it gives in many circumstances rendered close to an L series. So I will say that after, it is according to the tastes, necessities and uses, but you have there, réellemment an excellent goal and although it has a less-road appearance, a series L, as the 70-200 unstabilized previously mentioned ... if you are to "listen" to his qualities, 70-300, bring you a lot of happiness !!!
It impresses and gives everything he has in the stomach !!!
But what this is a real bargain! Excellent! Happiness!
Yes Yes !!! Try it and adopt it .. .. ..


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June 28
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May 14

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