The cudgels for watchdogs

The cudgels for watchdogs

Watchdogs (video game)

Customer Review

I admit it, for me as a rather mediocre player of entry was once difficult and I needed several tries before I understood the game system.

It is about the hacker Aiden who breaks into a total überachendes network. But he is caught. It is feared that Aiden could have highly explosive data found that could trigger a political earthquake.
Now an attack on Aiden's life is attempted.
This attack fails and instead killed Aiden underage niece.
Aiden wants to reveal the backgrounds and the perpetrators.
Here is Aiden any means.

The Game.
It is an open world game ala GTA.
But one should not expect a GTA.
Aiden often uses very subitler methods to arrive at its destination.
He can break my security camera in computer systems or overwhelm opponents from behind by Anschlechen.
Of course there is a wide range of weapons, from pistols up to the grenade launcher.
The chase through the city by car is reminiscent of GTA.
Every vehicle can be driven differently.
A truck for example, is slower but depends upon impact much more destruction on.
Weak car drifting when turning and at full throttle from always happy.
By contrast sportscar keep very good track.
In pursuit can manipulate the environment.
One can for example provide all traffic lights to green, leading to the crossing to major accidents and so a tracker or slows objective to be pursued.
Or you can take from bollards, which causes a persecutor at full speed against driving and caused a total loss.
You can ride even bridges, ensure power outage, steam capacities blasting, etc.
Nothing is the hacker Aiden impossible.
Aiden has a large skill tree, which is divided into driving, hacking, combat and assembly (eg explosives).

In addition to the main story, there are still countless side missions that can unlock many rewards (money, skills, weapons, vehicles, XP).
I especially the side missions "criminals convoy" have fallen.
There, criminals make on the way to a certain goal to achieve, such as a courthouse.
This convoy must stop and turn off the targets.
Mostly I blocked with a truck road and then have the criminals vehicles fired with grenade launchers.

The control is managed the game world very large, the main story very exciting and varied, the side missions infinite and the game has a high replay value.

The graphics are not ne plus ultra but adequate.

I played almost all Ubisoft games several times: Splinter Cell, Assassin's Creed, Anno and watchdog Ubisoft a new brand succeeded.
I'm looking forward to part. 2

super 474 Rank: 5/5
December 15
Does what it should 10 Rank: 5/5
February 6
Excellent product 6 1 Rank: 5/5
March 23
For a (!) Analog device Rank: 4/5
March 3

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