The currently best football game, but far from perfect

The currently best football game, but far from perfect

PES 2013 - Pro Evolution Soccer (Video Game)

Customer Review

I would not at all deal with every detail of PES2013. In my opinion, PES2013 is the current (in spite of the 14er versions) best football game, cross-platform.
The games are dynamic, fast, always exciting. Despite fairly high realism always comes back on a larger game.

However, PES is far from perfect. By far the biggest for me 3 criticisms:
- The sorry - damn stupid !!! - Behavior of players when playing. So insane often do I fit in the direction of a colleague who does not protrudes 3 meters. Then the game, however, does not change on this one player but chooses me a teammate of protrudes several meters! This then sprints towards ball (while that of the would only stretch out the foot stands as I Shock and Awe) and in 90% of cases the passport is lost and the enemy starts a counterattack.

- The terrible behavior of the goalkeeper during a siphon. The function to be run out the goalie if the striker comes to him is right and important. But so often makes the striker a lob over the goalkeeper, the ball tumbles gaaaaanz slowly towards the goal, the goalkeeper runs the ball after such a fußlahme 95jährige with crutches. Locker 3/4 of all the gates to pass through a siphon could be completely prevented when the goalkeeper simply race or would dive even after the ball! To me it looks like this, as if the system here the goalkeeper artificially slow down (people, he crawls behind the ball honestly like a snail!) In order to boast about how great the lift function ... Every time the best goalkeeper the world are suddenly limited to 2 km / h, the ball it past like on drugs, I could enter the TV.

- The incredible, incredibly, incredibly annoying repetitions! Stoppage of play and repeat after a great action, a beautiful gate or from out of me after a crunching tackle - OK. But in each PES mosquito shit is literally repeated, if one sends a volley wide and gently fouled or 10 meters over the goal ballert, even with any off-side! The flow of the game is always interrupted, there is an annoying repetition.
I remember the previous PES as they were still called International Superstar Soccer. There was an option which was called "repeats on / off". Why not something 20 years later is anyone's guess.

Who can come to terms with these three points, will receive the currently best football game. Although much of PES is bad - for all other matches the list of criticisms is much much longer.

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