The fingers killer

The fingers killer

Super Street Fighter IV (Video Game)

Customer Review

I had already bought Street Fighter 4, but in view of the new characters, the rebalancing provided by this new album and its price, I let myself be tempted by this Super Street Fighter 4. I am not disappointed with my choice. Just as SF4, this fighting game is not particularly accessible to beginners or casual gamers. It will be difficult to spend a really nice evening with friends who are not accustomed to console joysticks or fighting games. For SF4 focuses on technique and not on "I press all the buttons for fun and he is going qqchose screen that allows me to win." If you want this kind of game, I recommend the excellent Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I personally like to have both types of games in my game library to be able to choose a suitable game according to the situation.
Returning to SSF4! If you really want to deepen your experience of the game (to all challenges, play online, etc ...), you will invest (from 20 to 150!) In a fight pad or arcade pad (like those of Mad Catz - available on Amazon). For, be it on PS3 or Xbox360, handles are not suitable combinations of attacks. This is a negative point. Capcom wanted to keep the gameplay of Street Fighter series but current controllers are not adapted. You will come to play but obviously you're not going to succeed for sure some attacks or combos.
The game modes are classic. The single player mode has the merit of proposing an intro and a conclusion for each character (in the form of semi-animated). But nothing transcendent. The last boss requires a great deal of experience.

Maigret plays big Rank: 4/5
June 28
AC / DC 2 Rank: 3/5
December 1
Excellent! 259 50 136 1631 Rank: 5/5
April 27
Nice and hard 1 Rank: 4/5
February 5
Satisfied equipment Rank: 4/5
April 5
lot 913 Rank: 5/5
February 14

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