The first and still the best for me album a one-man band!

The first and still the best for me album a one-man band!

Picture Book (Audio CD)

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It was in 1985 and for me was music at that time one of my greatest passions. Everything that has been received on spending money with me as soon as it was implemented in black vinyl. Vinyl at the time was my favorite currency and I was hooked for new plates. On a maxi-single (I think it was Skin Trade) by Duran Duran was in the 80s on the back of the envelope I love the Smell of Vinyl in the Morning agree "(an allusion to Apocalypse Now) and there are my all plate disciples . There was always something exciting a new plate to break out of the shell and hang up. I gebs also I've always smelled it and everyone knows the smell will confirm that this was something special.

So I set the time when the break started on the road to record dealer my confidence before the afternoon classes. My friends, however, were even very interested in the latest Mucke my addiction to boards could hardly understand a. So I stood back like a toddler chooses the toys before the disk shelf and looked for new material. Soon I had Picture Book "discovered and was only once fascinated by the great cover. Then when flying over the track list, I came across a title for days went around in my head. The said title was Jericho" and thus the album was mine. From so invested to the cashier and the saved pocket money. I remember like today when I with my new purchase back to school came as a student from the same class said to me that I have since bought a very great album. The anticipation was great to finally be home. As soon as I was in my room I grabbed the album out and be extra careful for the first time I laid Picture Book "on, it made me comfortable on the couch and closed his eyes.

The opener Come to my aid "is very catchy and the song is not finished yet want to hear it again. Especially Mick's voice went completely under the skin. Sad old Red" reminded me immediately, for example, somehow the song to one of slave plantations knows. Somehow sad but poignant immediately. With Look at you now "then goes back off the post but while Heaven" probably an ideal song is to get closer to his beloved on the dance floor. Thereafter's impact continues to blow, only Jericho "the first song I heard of Simply Red at all and still one of the best. With Moneys Too Tight" follows the debut single of the band and a real horny (Sorry) song. Holding Back The Years "is probably still the most beautiful Kuschel song of the band. While open up the Red Box" is a bit cumbersome goes with No Direction "back off the post before me is the absolute creeps song.

After the last tones of No Direction "I was captured by a killer album but here meets the famous saying about The Bucket List". The title song Picture Book "is still one of my top five songs of Simply Red and already the first tunes take the listener into a different world, in a dark and melancholy world. As the song came to an end, I had goose bumps and I immediately sat the needle plate again at Picture Book to. I do not know how many times I listened to the song on that day, but I know that it has not lost any of its charm.

Picture Book "is still one of my favorite albums, and it remains for me to this day the best of Simply Red even after almost all the albums were great.
What to Simply Red of course was particularly intriguing and is, the fact that it ultimately still just a one-man band remains. The musicians were mostly interchangeable for Mick Hucknall. When successor Men and Woman "he had almost the same cast but over the years there was not more from the founding days left. According to Wikipedia, is the only saxophonist Ian Kirkham from 1986 until today with Simply Red an integral part.

Known as the Stay was "will be the last studio album by Simply Red in 2007 was my relatively unimportant because I thought that it probably makes no difference under what names Mick Hucknall now makes music. But when I then Hucknalls solo album Tribute to Bobby "I heard was disabused. Now under a different name, he makes music under the trademark Simply Red was apparently not possible, but do not scare, even though it sounds different is Hucknalls solo album absolutely gorgeous. Even though my will probably well read again far too long no one I just wanted to honor a brilliant album.

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