The first really good racing game for me!

The first really good racing game for me!

Colin McRae: DiRT (computer game)

Customer Review

I DIRT now been a week and just can not stop playing it! The graphics are just great! I've seen nochnie a game with such graphics. And the atmosphere through the magnificent landscaped routes is very nice! I really time to visit these places get playing very very often desire. There are simply beautiful woodlands, risky-looking dusty mountains in the United States .... oh just very consistent halt! I can often not at all concentrated-humans right on the race but must like to see the beautiful scenery :) And the surround sound makes the atmosphere even better! If you drive through under a bridge, it resonates correctly, you get immediately if someone tries to drive past a solely by the droning sound from the rear speakers ... Again, I forgive highest rating)
The physics engine is also awesome! When driving with NEM huge jeep on dirt roads, it springs right realistic ... or crashing halt realistic before a wall: D The damage model is also great! And the dust which then adheres to the car really looks sometimes centimeter thick from: D And the reflections on the cars are to be regarded as beautiful even when not many racing games!
With regard to the control, I find it really succeeded! In previous Colin Mcrae-playing she was much too realistic. Each curve is one of the track flown. If you did not run here a lot of practice before, wars very quickly from the podium-dream.
That has been the main point of criticism for me!
But here I came in right away and could not! It is funnier still challenging but by far than in the previous parts!
I had so much fun with a nochnie racing game. It's just a successful overall package!

My hardware: (in which I can play it almost at the highest settings
(Resolution at 1024x768 - so aufjedenfall enough!))
AMD Athlon X2 3800+
GeForce 7900 GTO (slightly faster than the GT - Version)

So it jerky only at the races with more than one car a little! But something ├╝bertacktet and the game is playable repays!
You should turn off the Multi-Sampling option or not upshift. This quickly leads to ruckelhafter representation and carries my Eighth in not too much for the beautiful graphics;)

Overall conclusion: A really good racing game and the first thing that made me really hooked!

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