The good is the enemy of the better ...

The good is the enemy of the better ...

Panasonic H-FS14140E-K Super Lumix G Vario zoom lens 3.5-5.6 / 14-140mm ASPH. / Power OIS (Accessories)

Customer Review

... Or why it still is fun to compromise.

A superzoom is always a compromise between flexibility and performance, which should be any clear from the outset. The old Panasonic H-VS014140E F4.0-5.8 / 14-140mm (hereinafter V1) was my second objective after Panasonic F1.7 / 20mm pancake and I have for years operated it on my GF1. Basically, I feel the focal length range of 14 to 140mm as very practicable, inasmuch actually a good choice. Over time, however, both my "fleet" of lenses and my ambitions are then grown noticeably. Last year I did the good old V1 but then sold because it a)) compared to the known fixed focal lengths and zoom dedicated the MFT system subjectively was too heavy and b "mushy" me. So I was no longer prepared to accept this compromise.

Why did I still bought the new F3.5-5.6 / 14-140mm (hereinafter V2) again?
Because a superzoom in many aspects of daily life just yet is the better because easier choice! Ultimately, I have sorely missed and angered me more than once over the limited zoom range of other lenses and the constant Gewechsele related. Just not always you need the light intensity and the image quality of a fixed focal length, any more than the extreme focal lengths of a real Teles / wide angle. In this case I put my hopes on the reduced weight and the revision of the optics.

Is the new a better compromise?
Yes, in any case! Alone the gain in mobility makes you feel good. What the Vorrezensent has regard to the main points already mentioned. I can connect me the impression practically unlimited, the V2 is pleasantly light, small, and, in my opinion, especially processed very valuable. However, what has interested me even more, was the picture quality! I had the chance to compare the V2 to V1 of a colleague. Under, according to my possibilities structured, controlled Studiobedinungen (light, tripod, distance to the object, tested with a G3 and an e-P5) shows the V2 as superior all around the V1! The pictures appear sharper and especially the sharpness to the edge waste and CA I find consistently less pronounced. Also changed significantly (better) is the color display. A good part of something mushy image pressure in V1 seems to me in fact to move in hindsight by the colors here. These act when V2 interestingly significantly crisper. With the image quality I am now satisfied. Likewise, I have to praise the image stabilization, which also seems to me better - although that is of course much more difficult to quantify.

BUT, it is and will remain a compromise!
Certainly can not expect eggs Wollmilchsau. The cropping objects or dim light situations and not remain the strength of this objective. But negative notice that the Power OIS are still clearly audible noises. Even though I had this from the V1 already used to, I was hoping for improvement here (other Panasonic Lenses are much better here!). In addition, the Panasonic 14-140mm must also provide the competition in the form of the Olympus F4.0-5.6 / 14-150mm, which I also get his hands on and could undergo the same test series. In short, I was amazed at the constant focus to the Olympus delivers almost the entire zoom range further. At 14mm, the Panasonic has been unsuccessful, only towards the upper end, the Olympus is itself slightly worse than the Panasonic counterpart (which are here 150mm!). Bearing in mind that the Olympus almost 200 cheaper, I was torn almost back and have cursed the day on which my colleague arrived with it.

I would mourn despite the "better" fixed focal lengths and zoom dedicated in my repertoire a superzoom afterwards, surprised myself. The "New" Panasonic 14-140mm (V2) has me (almost) entirely convinced and I would warmly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a "good" Always top - even compared to the competition and especially the V1! From my perspective, the V2 is seen precisely the better (best) compromise, because it is pleasantly compact, provides good images and really excellently working image stabilization has. The lens also affects significantly valent as the Olympus (plastic wherever you sums) even if I'm going to mourn the sharpness in wide-angle. Knowing that these marginalia will probably be irrelevant anyhow at the end, because as often happens, the (in) ability of the photographer will be crucial on the equipment. ;)

A postscript still to "the enemy of the good ..." Who is looking for another "mood creators", which are the Panasonic F1.7 / 20mm and Olympus f1.8 / 45mm recommended. Above all, the Olympus offers extreme fun for your money!


Supplement 11.26.13: After a London trip and a total of 400 shots, I'm now absolutely loved the lens and revise my original judgment. The stabilizer operates as measured by the "Committee" really better than I was previously accustomed to even the night shots with long focal lengths and shutter speeds below 1/10 have become predominantly sharp. In addition, I must say that I know the subjective image impression and especially color representation like really good. So I lift up my review, despite the above criticisms of 4 to 5 star in!

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