The good old middle class

The good old middle class

LG G2 mini Smartphone (11.9 cm (4.7 inches) IPS LCD display, 1.2GHz, quad-core, 8-megapixel camera, Android 4.4) (Electronics)

Customer Review

Mini? For those who do not know: mini has now naturalized in the smartphone market as a synonym for a stripped down version of the flagship has nothing to do basically with physical size, but rather something with weaker technology.

The LG G2 mini can be quite clearly middle class assign. The powerful processor (quad-core 1200), 8 MP camera, 4.7 inch display, battery 2440 mAh. However, the popular LED lamp is not on board. Could have spendieren quiet.

What is needed is the way a micro-SIM.

Let's start with the important point ergonomics: it weighs 121g and is therefore in a good frame. For me personally, just right not too heavy, not too light, pleasant. It is great in my hand, I can hold it well, back in mills. Accusation: it looks too hard out by plastic. I can not confirm personally. Apart from that, you should always get you a protective case if it falls down times in everyday use and must then look dibasic. Striking: The LG G2 mini has Rear Keys on the back, with these let my index finger Set volume. Personally, I really find this very handy.

Let's go a little into the depths, into the depth of the display. I am always amazed at how frugal many manufacturers with the pixel density. The problem is, you get used to very quickly to a display. Say, in the beginning you might think, mmh could be slightly better, but after a few days the eye is so used to it that it hardly stands out. Striking it is of course only when you look at another screen. The LG G2 mini has a pixel density of 234 ppi, which is the price for too little. There Cheaper with significantly better displays. Thus, since LG has future still ran. As I said, they will not notice in everyday life, of course, see everything and detect; but they look at a display with> 300 ppi and you see the difference. Only times as a reference: the flagship LG G2 has a ppi of 424. Unfortunately, one sees quickly fingerprints. One problem, which many manufacturers have yet to make. Have evening so always be moist lens cloths ready.

Rumors come on the way that LG G2 mini has built no Gorilla Glass. Nonsense is not more Gorilla (Corning Gorilla Glass 2).

The system with Android KitKat, quad-core processor in 1200, 1GB RAM runs absolutely smoothly. So I have not experienced any problems. Hardly stuttering (as well as not), quick loading of apps, good performance, quick handling. Prima. Battery life orderly, 2,440 mAh. 1 - 2 days (depending on usage) I come from a single charge.

Photos and videos are fun. Find the camera very well, recently, by the high resolution.

Also, the LG G2 mini has smaller gadgets on board, such as the Knock Code. For me useless, but each has its little gimmicks and that's a good thing.

Incomprehensible: there is only 8GB of internal memory. Why? Clearly not enough. Although you can extend the memory externally (memory card), but many apps can not be moved to the memory card and start from there.

+ Weight, ergonomics
+ Battery
+ Latest version of Android KitKat
+ Slot for external memory card
Not permanently installed battery +
+ Headset with case
+ USB Charging Cable with it (lying with this adapter for the socket used)
+ Strong camera
+ Strong processor

- Display to little ppi
- Internal memory is too low

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