The Man Who Loved Women.

The Man Who Loved Women.

The man who lies (Paperback)

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Lucien Lavoine, it is a name that seems straight out of a comic book or Margerin Tardi. Yet when Marc Lavoine evokes his father, I immediately thought of the character of Charles Denner in the film by François Truffaut.

Commuter communist CGT, pététiste, Michou married and father of two children, Francis and Marc, but mostly unrepentant womanizer, Lulu is handsome and highly appealing to women. It may also be kept a secret wound dating from its mobilization during the War In Algeria ...

I never bought an album of Marc Lavoine, not my style, but I always found the friendly and sincere man, and moreover good actor.

I loved his book, tender, poignant, lucid and very well written. It is a beautiful journey through France proletarian sixties and seventies. With great modesty, he tells the story of his family, his childhood in Mishawaka in the Paris suburbs, and especially that of his father and incorrigible idealist Don Juan.

Although picturesque, the grandpas alcoholics, 4L and mobs, this book is not a catalog of this nostalgic France disappeared. Written by Marc Lavoine is as poetic and often much higher plane than those of dedicated writers.

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