The most annoying of all time bench

The most annoying of all time bench

Christopeit bench Basic Concept without weights (equipment)

Customer Review

The Vorprozedure ...:

My first bench of Chrisopeit Sports ("Basic Concept"), which I bought with great joy, I received shortly delivered after Christmas. The delivery time was about 10 days.
After I was 2 weeks sick and in the 3rd week after delivery the bench tried to build, unfortunately I had to realize that although a tool set has been delivered, but that for the screwing together of the individual parts is another Gabelschlüßel needed.
Then, I have, after everything has long drawn and I've found in the second week to buy me an extra Gabelschlüßel (3.50)!
Then I have the parts all nicely sorted after a while and need to realize that many of them are missing!
However, I could not believe it and started to build up. After some time, it was finally possible to build on.
After that I had to dismantle everything and sort it all back.
Superior over a long period, which screw is now assigned to which number, I have created a list of missing bolts and parts and called the Customer.
Then me another number was informed that I called it. After many attempts, I was informed divided on the answering machine that the talk time to 16 o'clock were to end.
After the weekend, for which I again had to wait for 2 days, I have successively called 3 days and was never served. Always the lines were busy. After about an hour of uninterrupted calls me was of course informed repeatedly that the talk time only until 16: 00h went!
Sometime after I had called several times and I therefore probably a high phone bill is zuflattern, I was finally received by a more or less friendly colleagues on the phone, I could tell that several pieces were missing. I told him the individual numbers and the number of missing pieces, after which he had indicated that this is unrealistic, that they will, however, send me that anyway.
And now that I've been waiting all this time to the post, the package arrived today.
I opened it, only to find that 60% of the supplied parts are superfluous! Parts that I may have never ordered because I was sure that these were not lacking, were easy again geschickt.Teile that I did not mention were repeatedly sent, parts that I have mentioned were not sent.
Now I had to buy myself the parts and improvise.

* In addition, the instructions for the cat!
Best immediately after ordering Christopeit Sports a renewed request (by email)!
But again, the screws are shown unrecognizable small. But that some steps have been much better explained! It is worth it!

Eventually, it was finally time. After about 3-4 hours assembly work, I was able to admire the bench.

Today, after the weight bench has been used a few times, I am able to report on the shortcomings of the bench itself.
1) The weight bench is a little shaky, the metal is not the soundest

2) If one takes the Latissimusturm (ie used), then the rod will be scratched by the weight carriage. And that happens all the time.

3) The most annoying flaws that the rubber stopper that catches the weights, is too low! The Latissimusturm has a max. Load of 60 Kg and a limited area for hanging weights. In the case that if the 60 Kg to be drangehangen that it hangs 3 x 20 Kg or 2x20Kg + 2x10Kg or 50Kg + 10Kg etc .However, if you only 1x20Kg dranhängt, then pushes this weight on the leg curl and caused at every means take very strong scratch on this. And if one hangs several 20Kg even greater. And once more weights are drangehongen, this is always the case. Smaller weights can perhaps only a max. Produce weight of 30 Kg. Then, the carriage is full.
Today I had to take my time and modify the plug. Only now it is high enough.

4) The crank handle of the rope blocked the rope every time the weights are lifted at the beginning. This takes place from 20 Kg weight load. The shell of the Krubelteils is very strong gedeht because the ball and the shell block itself. The envelope has to give here and is increasingly unstable.

In addition, you can either
the curl,
the Latissimusturm
or the leg curler use.

If you want to use something else, it must first be mounted.
Fortunately, this is relatively fast. One only has to turn on a star screw under the leg curl and already is a disassembled it.
Then just hang the desired part and screw it again (ca.30-60 sec.).

But it would be worth even more weight loads.
Barbell rack: 100kg
Latissimusturm: 60 Kg
Butterfly arms: 30 kg per arm
Leg curl: 30kg

The barbell rack, the Latissimusturm are very good for this price.
This is completely sufficient for the beginner.

But if 100Kg can be lifted on the barbell, which means theoretically that 50 kg per arm can be lifted!
If the user has become so strong, he will probably be able to lift and 50Kg per arm at the Butterfly shelf!

And: Even untrained users can easily lift 30 kg on the leg curler. This is not a problem due to the given inherently leg muscles.
And it should not be a problem for the manufacturers represent this change, if the Latissimusturm may be loaded up to 60 Kg.
The leg curl should be charged even up to 60 kg!
30 Kg for the legs are an absolute joke!

Despite the small weight load for leg curl and Butterfly, I have to say that the device offers many exercises and for the price but is super.
The beginner is served with it!
For the price you get a lot of practice facilities, does not offer a normal weight bench.
Who is looking for many Übungsmöglichekeiten by a device that does not want to spend much money and still be counted as a beginner, which is operated here.

The Gabelschlüßelkauf before delivery do not forget! (Size: 16 + 17)

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