The obsessive and heartbreaking passion

The obsessive and heartbreaking passion

Amok or crazy malaysia, followed by the letter of an unknown and eyes of the eternal brother

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I advise everyone to discover the Amok collection of Austrian Stefan Zweig with 3 new highly representative of his work and his interest in the absolute passion that borders on madness in love. My favorite is Letter from an Unknown, I discovered the cinema with the adaptation for Deray TV in 2001, excellent, Max Ophüls film 48.

A young 13 year old girl falls in love with his neighbor, recognized writer in Vienna in 1900 ... This crazy love, fantasy, sublimated in his mind as much as in the flesh, she lives in secret, as captive and recluse in a mental universe very masochistic and sometimes delusional that she never left. Then finally comes the long-awaited day of true encounter, during which she will give a whole eternity, just to live a passionate night with his "beloved" who has forgotten the next day, as he likes play out of life and play with women, the newspaper said. But at what price? This woman, fifteen years later, wrote a long letter full of emotions, memories to this man who never did know, that he finally knows what his secret at the time she decided to give death that finally, the writer knows who she was ...

It's a short work (50 pages), dense, captivating, and where every detail is revived memories shattering, oppressive, full of bruises, but never bitterness or reproach ... In Letter from an Unknown, Zweig shows any its virtosité to handle words yet very simple with great style, subtle and always very accurate, while being concise and giving full weight to the rehearsals that are ubiquitous narrative mode.

Each of these repeats is a step closer to this consuming passion that nothing exists, except in the hope that one moment allow destiny to be fulfilled for this woman whose great love the unknown, does not recognize it even when he sees her again for another night of love ...

Letter of unknown one is probably the best known new Zweig and one of the most appreciated, particularly by women. There in the words of the unknown and sometimes a heartbreaking humanity something chilling that takes guts and reminds us what is told can sometimes be close to our reality.

A true happiness.

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