The Phoenix rises from the ashes.

The Phoenix rises from the ashes.

Tomb raider - Limited Edition battle strike (Video Game)

Customer Review

After a long decent into hell in the series that did not know in what direction to go to renew this last episode was expected at the turn of all the fans.

I'll start with the negative: Lara Croft has lost its generous forms (or has yet cosmetic surgery since it is a prequel), but for me this makes more realistic and more enjoyable to watch (yes it is not a real downer).
The puzzles are less present and more simplified than in the very first episode, however they are well integrated into the adventure and it does not diminish the pleasure of solving them.

So much for the negative side, because yes the game is just perfect on any other item. The adventure is really exciting, the nervous action and exploration phases makes without tiring. The decorations are really beautiful and the music is sublime.

The voice acting is of good quality especially for heroin (fortunately the way). It there's many easter eggs to find, forcing the discovery of different levels all leading to reward whatsoever concepts art, weapons or technology news.

The ability to unlock new skills with experience earn lets you customize its Lara Croft, although one can easily finish the game with all the skills to the maximum.

In conclusion, this game is simply a marvel and enables to reconnect with the series that turned turnip gaming, large work well lead that makes you want to start the adventure.

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