The poison of an unkept promise

The poison of an unkept promise

Ishmael's Oranges (Paperback)

Customer Review

I highly recommend this book to everyone who is interested in the IsraeliPalestinian conflict. It is in most parts a true story and simply as search worth a read.
The authors father is a Palestinian born, her mother is English from Russian and Jewish descent. When thesis two met in the Sixties, they fall in love. Just thinking and believing that love would find a way in overcoming all the obstacles Both Their relatives would come up with.
But her fathers pasts gets heavier the older he gets. Being full of pain, others find a way to turn this pain into hate against his own family.

I could totally relate to the stories in the book Because Those are stories of people who lost Their Homeland and my own family is full of stories and search traumatic experiences, though Originating from other countries and other wars.
But i didnt like the first chapter of the book. Writen from Little Salim's and Jew's view as children, its just not gripping, the author didnt find the right tone to describe her mothers upringing. The rest of the book though is extremely well writen, with the authors writing huge talent dripping from every page.

I dont want to write down any spoilers, so but in the end "Ishmael's Oranges" is a book about unkept promises from parents to children and how Those will lay poison and find a way to end in catastrophies.

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