The spirits are divided about this successor

The spirits are divided about this successor

Dragon Age II (uncut) (computer game)

Customer Review

Now at last the awaited successor of Dragon Age Origins appeared. So get into the drive and installed. Yet quickly Texturepack that is 1 GB in size and you have to download from the Biowareseite, injected fresh. Here we go.
But wait, what's that? It looks like the original demo. So ended and checked times whether I might not start the demo. No, but the game was. First disillusionment is spreading.
I find the default classes Rogue, Mage and Kaempfer a male villain and goes again trick.
Now here I stand with mother, brother and sister. We narrowly escaped death when the darkspawn Lothering has overrun. We remember - here we have picked up and Leliana Sten in Part 1. The (pre) Haupcharakter must be due to the beard growth at least 25 years old. Wait a minute, my mother has kept really well for her age. That's never, ever going older than 35. How? Wait a second: we are just barely escaped death - damn, we look good. Sister and mother doctored Huebsch, my brother has just shaved times and we all stuck together in preppy, freshly laundered clothes. Very strange.
Anyway, we must quickly in next safe city Kirkwall. So on and fight your way through the enemy ranks. The Hurloks be niedergemaeht and an ogre has no chance. That was easy. Can not remember that it was so easy in the first part. I imagine times better the difficulty of 'hard' to 'nightmare'. Yes, much better.
Wait a minute, the third: we siblings fighting for our lives and our Mother is unconcerned 10 meters next to it. Opponents ignore them completely. Invisibility spell or what's the point?
Suddenly we are overrun by masses of enemies, which is approaching the end. Since accesses a dragon into the action and schnetzelt all opponents. This dragon turns out to be Flemeth. (Morrigan was right, they will find a way to survive). But my face looks the changed. The well has been under the knife, let Screw new breasts and her head adorned with a Asiafantasy hairstyle. Was probably the image consultants. We close with her a deal: they bring us in safety and we are doing her a favor.
Finally we are at the gates of Kirkwall. The city is overrun by refugees and they do not want to let us in. For bribe money, unfortunately we did not. But we can for one year serfdom undertake. Then we either bring a Soeldnergruppe or a gang of smugglers in the city. Times superior to - the mercenaries act with slaves, then maybe the smugglers. This group has determined the more interesting quests.
Na Oops, what's that !? Now runs a cutscene: the year is over, you've done all the jobs of the smugglers, are free and in the city. Hello, I have not met a smuggler and done not a single task. I'm really frustrated for the first time as a player. If the remaining nine years pass as quickly is's a damn short pleasure.
Suddenly run me a dwarf on the road. His offer: I can buy for 50 Goldstuecke in an expedition into the Deep Roads. 50 Sovereigns are a small fortune. But unfortunately lack of alternatives remains for me nothing more than to go on Lootjagd. Reminds me of the quest "Find Xardas". So now ending spoilers.
Bioware, which is certainly one of the worst openings in an RPG. Fortunately, the atmosphere attracts through the collected later in Companions. The story is a lot to be diverse without really excelling. It is basically about political intrigues within the city Kirkwall and how to wreak havoc a city without external threat.

The Chart
in short, is not zeitgemaess. Even the Texturepack this does not change really. The area is generally too dull and empty. The city is a crowded city of refugees far too clean and tidy. Of refugees far and wide no track. The city is downright depopulated. From the crowded conditions in the servants' quarters has not materialized - actually resides my elf downright luxuriously in a 100sqm loft with 8m high ceilings. That what I see on the screen fits into any shape to what wants to tell me Bioware. The game runs over a period of 10 years. But neither Changes the city their appearance nor age companions. Elves age slower yes - but the others? The NPC is Bioware has given a lot more trouble. The have markedly better texture than the surrounding area and a fine mimic. That forms a stark contrast to the environment and makes the game world ambivalent. Unfortunately, one has made a mistake with the Koerpermodellen. The elves have the looks and physique of Na'vi from Avatar schwindsuechtigen and all women have a stem like a Bavarian pub landlady.

The level design
is pretty barren. Empty tube level and hardly branches. Running is impossible. But what does not go, that is recycling. A cave looks exactly like Cave B or C. From time to time a door is closed times, but that the 1: 1-copies can be seen upon entering. This is an absolute killer mood.

The fights
are more action than in Part 1. opinions are on this change go far apart. That a warrior with a severe Plattenruestung from the prior two meters jumping in the air and his opponents skin with a sword blow from the boots, which is more reminiscent of beat 'em up Tekken ala. The fact that the opponents are dismembered downright is unglaubwuerdig in attacks with daggers and reminiscent of splatter movies.
Opponents are now coming in waves. If you have an opponent group decimated follow suddenly more. That would be believable if they could see already advance in the distance. Then you can be prepared. Instead, the new opponents Poppen in the viewing area on a sudden. And not just in one direction, but often also from behind. This one had the area but just 'cleaned'. Mages are now much more involved in dogfighting, which is conducive to their health little.
The difficulty level is much lower than in DA: O but hoehsten nothing works without tactics. Luckily. The bottom two are for Hack 'n Slay fans thought the top rather tactician.

Addendum after 40 hours of play for Tactician:
I DA: O played in the first round on hard difficulty, and in two other on 'Nightmare' and I enjoyed the tactical challenge. But here I have felt after 10 hours as Quaellerei. And not because of the difficulty but because of the very limited possibilities:
- No isometric view more often you can not even recognize where to stay its own companion just and whether or by whom they are attacked
- The hectic Rumgezappel it complicates immensely Use the mouse to highlight
- Downright absurd it is that opponents can only be attacked if they turn us noticed and the red squiggle appears among them. Therefore one must approach them often 10-15 meters. Ranged and Flaechenzauber lose so much of sense. An arch happens no melee weapon.
- The Permanent Respawn of amounts of 08/15-opponents out of nowhere in the immediate vicinity of magicians often leads to their immediate death by 1 hit kills. It also makes tactical planning impossible. I have nothing against emerging gain but not us as unglaubwuerdig and unfair.
- This Kanonenfutterkaempfe nerves and take the boss mobs all charm. What was a fight in DA: O against Flemeth or the High Dragon. In DA2 can also fight against a high dragon, but must fight simultaneously against 30 aufpoppende baby and teenage dragons. Since the fight against actual kite degenerating into a farce.
- Run frequently spells and special attacks ineffective. The intended purpose is often already dead when the attack starts. This is due to the imbalance between combat pace and activation time of the attacks and magic.
All this and more leads MMN. means that tactical approach is not really fun. Also frequently geauesserte think that you can always pause and trigger a special attack, improves not (and has hardly anything to do with tactics). It is not or hardly possible to use the group as a whole simply tactical. Almost everyone in the group is inevitably involved in Naehkaempfe. It counts only DPS (Damage per Second).
I have after 15 hours frustrated asked the difficulty to 'easy' and let the fights automatically. From time to time intervene in the Bosskaempfen and otherwise watched. Only the story has interested me and I've played the rest of the game like an adventure. Very unfortunate.
In the beginning, I have tried my new combat system whitewash somehow, but it is unfortunately a disappointment tactician.

Quests and Storytelling
These are the strengths of Bioware. Abandoning a scenario "Save the world" I think of the good thing. Rather than divide the world into black and white, it leaves room for gray. Of this, however, made little use in the quest. If there is no world to save, then the quests have to motivate in a different way. This can be done actually just about personal interests of the main character. But rarely affect the quests the protagonists directly.
Well perhaps captures the staging: I get a quest and make my way to the destination. On the way through cross an area that I've crossed umpteen times and fight the Fuellgegner, which I have already combated umpteen times. Then I enter a dungeon or a warehouse, whose floor plan I already know by heart. I already know in advance where Fuellgegner will emerge. I see the slightly greater space and white from the variety of previous quests that there waits my goal opponent. I can lay neither an ambush, yet I can resolve the conflict by threatening, persuade or bribe. Almost always it ends in a desert brawl. That could do a rented x-arbitrary Soeldnertruppe same. That's me in a role play is clearly not enough.
The quests themselves are not bad but also not very captivating - good average.

DA2 is a role playing game that obviously goes towards action RPG. The graphics are but pitiful this realignment. Friends classic RPG would certainly view this chart do not disturb so if the gameplay would be complex and demanding. The complexity but was significantly scaled back and tactical combat almost impossible. There is no social and Handwerksfaehigkeiten more. One can skillen after setting his companions only, their armor can no longer select it. Dialogues with emoticons (good, neutral / funny, evil) make the read and evaluate the dialogue option unnecessary. Many little things that are insignificant in detail, inhibit their combinations but a real immersion in the game world, prevent atmospheric experience.
Even one's companions and their motivations remain alien. The evening meetings and conversations around the campfire no longer exists. If an attendant wants to talk to me a notice appears in the quest log. Also gifts are recorded in the quest log. It therefore no longer has to actively look for the companion, but the quest log processing. Desolation.
In short, DA2 is neither fish nor fowl. For a classic RPG to cored and an action RPG graphically and from level design to drab. Good mediocrity. Only the stories and relationships between the Companions are a ray of hope.
For a debut of a game company it would be a really good game. But Bioware - because you have higher expectations.
For a successor, I would hope that there are two game modes and one (Baldur's Gate) can vote in the installation between the gameplay of an action RPG (Diablo) and klassichem RPG. That has to be feasible and would certainly reflected very positively on the sales figures.

Come this far? Thanks and Greeting cards to their high attention span)

Good product without Rank: 3/5
January 20
Impeccable I recommend. Rank: 5/5
February 20
Confirmation 1 Rank: 4/5
June 14
lovely bracelet 2 Rank: 5/5
February 13
Good buy. 551 Rank: 5/5
July 17

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