The squeak is a joke

The squeak is a joke

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (Video Game)

Customer Review

When I read the reviews from here with squeaky analog sticks, I just thought: That can not be right but, finally, it is an original controller and no cheap accessories.
But Nope, actually my controller, I ordered with Gears Judgment Set to squeak after about 2 hours gambling and creaking began.
Oh great I thought the there are virtually no other alternative if you want to play wirelessly, and my box is a bit stupid beeen higher cabinet, there's n cable crap.
So I got the thing once screwed on and checked that does not fit there. Hm, actually everything looks like in my old, white controller, optically pure nothing seems somehow cheaper. I have, moreover, no problems with other keys or the battery compartment - there is nothing Klepp Riger or labriger than the old pad. Only the sticks screech halt.
Yes - and if you look purely is also quickly realized what you can do - namely, just a tiny trifle lubricate the moving parts because the run completely dry. Have this resin and acid-free sewing machine oil dabbed with a slightly thicker needle to the bearing points, any surplus removed with a cotton swab and always looked nice, not oiling the electronics.
After some Gefriemel is now calm, sticks run super. Still a mess, something to deliver. Why should I as a customer for the repair? Especially since special screws are installed, for not everyone has the appropriate tools, and I yes to the opening actually lose the guarantee.
Is me eh mystery the whole - I mean the moving parts should always be provided with a suitable lubricant that reduces wear, too. And, perhaps one wants that abnippeln the controller quickly, so can indeed sell more.
Thus from me only two stars, with original accessories I expect kindly, that's all great.

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