The Super Device for attractive price

The Super Device for attractive price

Sony BRAVIA KDL-50W685 126 cm (50 inches) 3D LED-backlit TV (Full HD, 200Hz XRM, DVB-T / C / S2, WiFi, SmartTV) (Electronics)

Customer Review

Hello Everybody,

I have after much deliberation decided on the purchase of a new TV and have long sought. The main reason for this was really just that my previous Samsung television now is 3 years old and I would like a new device. I wanted a noble acting, well-equipped device to a non-excessive price of a very good brand.

What can I say, I've found it here.
Ordering and delivery was as always perfect. I ordered the unit on a Tuesday and on Wednesday the nice man from Hermes rang and brought me the object of desire. The whole without which I am Prime customer and no premium shipping've booked.

Now I unpacked the device and realized that I was not able to hang directly on the wall there, because it is not VESA-compliant. However, I knew this before already, but had hoped that I all still fit bolted to the wall bracket get with a little creativity. Well as Amazon describes you can order an adapter for VESA mounts in Sony Service. This will cost a total of about 30.00. Due to the delivery time of 8 weeks, I have but then decided against the adapter. So purely in the hardware store bought some material and NEN small block of wood. This then rolled in black adhesive film and ran to the TV. Looks like the Sony adapter. :-) Then I could screw the television easily to the wall bracket. It holds bombproof and is very stable.

Now I can use the device as I want it. The installation was very easy because everything is perfectly described. But you must also keep strongly to the instructions of the device, because you're looking for an owner's manual in writing in vain. I have my Sky receiver and the PS4 directly connected via HDMI to the unit. Unfortunately, now the available HDMI ports were full. With a small 1 to 2 HDMI adapter but I could not connect my Apple TV easily. I could directly connect the TV to my wireless and draw a current update. Thus, the TV was completely ready for use after approximately 10 minutes.

Now I could convince myself of a crisp image in the HD channels. I myself am not much of this information as pixels and resolution. For me as an end user is important that I connect the device and convinced me the picture. It does this perfectly here. The TV picture will apparently greatly enhanced by the built-in chip, because the normal TV picture looked much better than in my previous Samsung TVs.

Now of course I wanted to see what hiring the device to my favorite movie "Batman Dark Knight" on BluRay. And even here there is no comparison to my previous machine. The image quality is much better here. Likewise, I have "Despicable Me 2" tested the 3D function in and am also excited here. It is with these 4 supplied 3D glasses a much more pleasant experience than 3D on previous shutter glasses.

I also like to watch movies and series of time my external hard drive, it has been also important to me that I can connect it simple and straightforward. This works fine and I have to say that the load times for content are very short. I like that very well.

The sound of the device is satisfactory in every case. I use this, however, even when using my hard drive or I use my Yamaha Soundbar. But I do not think that you even with such a flat television can start from a mega sound experience. If you want very good sound, to treat these must halt with other devices.

Handling the remote control has come completely okay, the remote fits comfortably in your hand and it took only a little at first switching from my Samsung remote control. The only thing that made me very often irritated, was the green power button. But that's actions at a high level. :-)

For me as a passionate gamer, it is also important that convinced me the device while playing. This does easily. In conjunction with the PS4 the fun on the device increases even more.

In conclusion, I can only say that I am really fully satisfied with the device. I do not regret the decision to buy. In itself it is a coherent overall package. I would recommend this TV good conscience and doing this are also promising. The only thing that could possibly disturb a little is the lack of operating instructions in writing. Do not disturb the further because I do not need this. The TV is in itself with its menu very self-explanatory and does not require much LCD television insider knowledge.

Since I am so very happy with this unit, it may also be only the full five stars from me.

Many greetings and have fun with your device.

December 13
Great! 1880 5368 Rank: 5/5
March 12
Finally to Buy Rank: 5/5
October 31
Needs just enough sun Rank: 4/5
March 22

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