They give you a small piece of plain Sony plastic that works - no more, no less.

They give you a small piece of plain Sony plastic that works - no more, no less.

Sony DK36 docking station for the Sony Xperia Z2 (Accessories)

Customer Review

When unpacking a precipitated immediately apparent that you really just the docking station receives (plus a replaceable plastic adapter with the Z2 also in the Sony SCR 10 case is designed to fit into the docking station). So if you expect one cable or even a power supply included here who might be disappointed. It is true a somehow a bit thoughtful when you hold this couple grams of plastic in his hands and then did the purchase price in mind ...

The dock itself has on the back a micro-USB port to which the charging cable of the Sony Xperia Z2 must be connected so that the dock has power. Here it is recommended that an additional charger along with Micro-USB cable to create, as a otherwise the charger on the go missing.

Otherwise, the dock works as it should. The phone slides (by the magnetic charging contact) practically by itself into position and is then loaded. Together with the Smart Connect app (installed at the factory on the Z2), you can configure the phone so well that it automatically switches to the charging station when parking to Silent and the time is displayed on the screen in landscape mode. So you have to fix conjured a fancy clock radios. If you like, the mobile phone can then be directly connected to a Bluetooth speaker on dessert ... So at least part of the software everything fine! More features you can hardly wish.

But back to dock itself - "extremely light and not just steadfastly" there are allowed to bring the end to the point. From light weight one has unfortunately little, because the dock is actually not intended for transport. But on the contrary. You should really be hard to keep it where it is and the phone is stable. However, as I already knew this "feature" by other reviews, my plan was already from the beginning that I fix the dock on my bedside table. With two power strips of Tesa, this represents no problem, and the dock is 100% stable and can the phone runternehmen finally without the docking station having to hold with the second hand.

In summary:

(+) Great software functions by the Xperia Z2
(+) Matching design

(-) Cheap plastic
(-) No charger here
(-) No cable here
(-) Too low weight
Overpriced - ()

CONCLUSION: lack of alternatives I can dock with some restrictions friend, provided you plan to fix them anywhere. Otherwise, it is barely usable to handle due to their light weight. The acquisition of an additional charging cable and AC adapter you have to plan carefully! In the end, unfortunately, but a lot of money for little plastic. I was, however, advance me the problems addressed aware and I was not adversely surprised I give at the end but then 3 stars. If the dock fair 5, - costs, then there would certainly be even 5 stars.

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