- This is a moron or what this guy?  Louis Kehlweiler gets angry !!

- This is a moron or what this guy? Louis Kehlweiler gets angry !!

Without hearth or (Paperback)

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Back to basics with Fred Vargas dating from 1997 and what a treat! It includes the famous trio of the Evangelists, Mark Mathias and Lucien, three scholars historians who share the same household and who do not hesitate to give back to their old friend, Louis Kehlweiler said the German when it their presents the ideal suspect in serial crimes case.

But Clement Vauquer, accordionist and occasional ferns deliveryman, is mostly a fool to unwanted physical. The only understand and defend it, it's Martha Gardel, a former prostitute who serine Louis to clear himself. The German is fierce, not hugely confident, yet he returns to his old contacts in the police to track down a track.

The way Fred Vargas proceeded to roll his intrigues is always extraordinarily original, essential and perfect. His detective story certainly not be ashamed of its modest pretensions, because the author excels in the art of the characters: his three Evangelists are nice fellows, illuminated wedged in their chosen time, and are headed by the Old, which prepares them rich and tasty casseroles.

Kehlweiler is a colder type elusive old man of action he retreated to his home to bring the biography of Bismarck and his only companion Bufo toad! Seriously, we do not find that everywhere. And that's what I like so much in the books of Vargas, this propensity to eccentricity that does not overflows to improbable or absurd trails. This is offset, quite funny and falsely stamped. In short, it's all good!

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May 5
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January 29
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September 5
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March 18

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