This retro album is probably the best album of the band Ever Meet

This retro album is probably the best album of the band Ever Meet

Modern Life Is Rubbish (Audio CD)

Customer Review

After her debut "Leisure" were BLUR in 1992 shortly before the sacking by their record company: "Popscene", the new, published in 1992 single, flopped in the charts; the press focused suddenly on a new band called "Suede", and sank the mood in the band. Nevertheless, it managed to Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree, the ingenious "Modern Life Is Rubbish" einzuspielen and keep her cool. The album did not sell nearly as well as its predecessor, but the band gave a basic fan base that has remained faithful to her until now. War "Leisure" still influenced by 80s rave, "Modern life is rubbish" now extends back to the 60, which you can listen to the most wonderful "For Tomorrow". With "Advert" show BLUR first time, they are also in the punk-pop at home. And in "Sunday Sunday" give first trumpet the tone. All in all, expand BLUR with this album its musical spectrum clear why "Modern life is rubbish" still one of the best albums of the band. I prefer even the follow-up CD "Parklife". An absolute must for every friend of good British pop music. (This is an at the university-student review.)

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