To complicate when they can be simple

To complicate when they can be simple

Android 4.2 Mini PC 1.8GHz Quad Core with 2G DDR3 RAM RK3188 TV Box TV WIFI Bluetooth Dongle HDMI MK809 III (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

That's a small object ... cheap that transforms any screen or TV with an HDMI input ... tablet (non-touch) controlled by a mini wireless keyboard / mouse.
Awesome ... you can do everything like on a tablet and almost like ... on a PC internet access, messaging, games, dedicated application, Office !!! eh yes!, ....
The longer the most ... is that if you have a problem ... you can reinitialiser all in one shot (7 minutes by my watch), and you go again with new .... try to do that with seven and installed norton ......

Super. 1514 Rank: 5/5
January 14
effective protection cover Rank: 4/5
September 14
2 magnificent book 1 Rank: 5/5
October 13
No problem! 26 3 Rank: 5/5
June 25
I needed to just Rank: 4/5
May 1

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