Top-compilation of Maiden-modern times

Top-compilation of Maiden-modern times

From Fear to Eternity: The Best of 1990-2010 (Audio CD)

Customer Review

One advance: Who is bothered by the publication policy of Iron Maiden, the band or their management should assess accordingly rather than this CD. Their contents namely leaves little to be desired. And that the product is not addressed to fans who have always been everything from Maiden, should be clear. Which is true actually only conditionally.

For example, I've bought this Sampler and separated me in return of the Maiden discs since "Brave New World". These two CDs contain namely in fact everything important that you need from the Maiden-modern times. Only "Out of the Silent Planet" and "The Final Frontier" (without the intro of course) are missing in my opinion on this sampler.

In return, my stay but the whole filler like "Nomad", "Lord of Light" or whatever spared. Seriously: I hear now for 20 years, the "Live After Death" and am always impressed anew. But all Maiden plates since 1990 never have the high level of the 80s reached. Almost all the songs of the modern era are deliberate trimmed to length, always the same structure (acoustic intro) and so full Allerwelts riffs that in principle there is nothing hanging in the ear. With progressive music has the - is noted sporadically properly as in other review - ultimately little to do. Curiously, the few catchy tunes of modern times such as "Wicker Man" or "Different World" panned by so-called fans of all.

Apropos: Even as a fan you must have a critical opinion. Just because you like Maiden, you do not find anything good in principle. And the newer disks are missing mostly power, magic moments and brilliant ideas. Ultimately, I think that's not bad. Every band - from AC / DC to the Stones - has a few years vast, from which you then consumed forever. Therefore but play Maiden on the current tour is no more suction of the "Matter of Life and Death", but still their strongest songs from the 80s. That is perfectly legitimate.

However, if the albums from the Dickinson phase of modern times as well as evaluated the classics from the 80s, is just next to it. That's why getting this sampler - so successful he may be - I only 4 stars because easily see other Maiden samplers better songs. Honestly, to a "Trooper" or "Powerslave" songs like "Paschendale" or "Brave New World" come on do not even begin. One are in fact classic, the other just average to good Maiden songs.

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November 11
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