Top Game - criticism is completely exaggerated

Top Game - criticism is completely exaggerated

Watchdogs - [Xbox 360] (Video Game)

Customer Review

Haber read here some reviews and the strong criticism can not understand completely.
1. "graphic shit ..." people you are playing on a console of 2005! What's rausholt the game because not shit, but absolutely outrageous!
2. "expected more ..." What? Please concrete proposals. The game features a lot.
3. "Everything unrealistic ..." Well, hack at your fingertips is of course unrealistic, but the game is supposed to be fun.
4. "Stupid AI ..." Then after all the difficulty deputy higher. The concerns that few.
etc ...

But even from the beginning:

- Gameplay (10/10)
While driving is how many write at the beginning to get used to, but once you master it, it's really good. Drifting works great, you can very well come between 2 cars without always remain hanging like in GTA. You can drive around many objects and does not stay on (as in GTA ...) 'hang NEM electricity pylon. To run and jump on things works perfectly. You notice here that the same developers as of Assassins Creed.
The options that have been hacking are super. Some of you can comfortably sit in the car and his mission done remotely. It also has the option to play as a shooter. Since then one of the focus (bullet time) is available. In addition, you can acquire a lot of useful skills, unlock such. As bait or bombs, overwhelm strong soldiers in close combat or chopping helicopter, bridges, trains and much more.
Variety is also guaranteed. In the missions much reasoning is generally asked. You have to move objects to the field of view for cameras move to solve "firewall circuits" and find ways to use the city as a weapon. If you turn up the time out has makes it really fun.
There are also mini-games, two for everyone is: shooter, platforming, chess, poker, shell game and some skill in the field.

- Action (9/10)
Sure you can say the act has ever been and it runs according to Scheme F. However, all is well entangled in my opinion.
(Spoiler!) Is the greed of his partner Damien Aiden the target of mob boss Lucky Quinn due to a misunderstanding. When Aiden survived the attack, but dies his niece. He hires a fixer and quickly finds the assassin. In the game itself you then builds up prior to the masterminds while being blackmailed by his former partner. The whole story about flower and Ray Kenney around also fits in very well. (Spiolerende)

- Stability (9/10)
I had absolutely no problems from start to finish. Everything ran smoothly. Only after the final mission, the credits did not come and I had to repeat the mission, because the game has hung. Was once already annoying the other hand I have the mission but then like to repeat. They knew now how to do it :)
The online mode is great! Unlike GTA is not located in a lobby, but all the time in his world. And suddenly someone with there. No long waits! Between races z. B. You can move freely in the world and if the race is going on, one spawns immediately at the start.

- Graphics (10/10)
Did it indeed mention beautiful. When a console that is nearly 10 years old halt is no longer. Because rausgeholt felt 120%.
This Xbox 360 and Xbox One comparative videos that are circulating on the net are completely exaggerated. Unfortunately, the difference is not as great as shown.

- Sound / Soundtrack (9/10)
When I got into the car near the beginning and suddenly "Day 'N' Nite" heard, I was heavily inspired. On the songs there is nothing to complain about. For example, running at a decent shooting in a Mission "Jesus Built My Hotrod" of Ministry, which fits just perfect.
Sometimes the Synchro leaves to be desired, but overall it is very well done. Much slang, it sounds nothing like read. Since you have already made an effort. In the missions is also used a lot of acoustics, so you always know what you should be set next. The background music underpins always very well what is happening. Incidentally, you can leave completely unlike the GTA radio music, which is for Let's Player certainly interesting because of copyright.

Power 47/50, so it will be the full 5 stars :)

Overall, the game is worth the money. Of course you have to form an opinion yourself. But that's definitely something new. Clear to have many more expected, but can not say what should be more. As always. By the way, my first Ubi Soft game. But I do not think more long: D By the way, I also find GTA class, but some minor cuts it now times worse.

Great camera Rank: 5/5
March 13
Precious and reliable ... Rank: 5/5
November 9
properly 92 Rank: 5/5
March 13
cooking method to discover Rank: 3/5
July 30
HAPPY POWER 1 Rank: 3/5
April 13

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