Top Game, Online Version less but negligible

Top Game, Online Version less but negligible

Test Drive Unlimited 2 [Green Pepper] (computer game)

Customer Review

Here a kind of MMO was trying to make racing game based. This unfortunately did not quite work out, because the communication possibilities are virtually non-existent as to betitteln. The online version has to deal with numerous bugs.
But nevertheless it's great fun with great graphics.
The cars you can to earn in races or other minigames (randomly found in a vast free navigable world and assemble a whole wrecks leave) or Buy. There are a lot of car dealerships with tens of various top models, sports cars, convertibles, cars, SUVs, Vintage car. This can be slightly tuned and also repainted. Functions like lights on / off, top opening / closing, turn signals, radio etc are all implemented and available graphically superb. One can buy houses, make the cars in the garages and admire there. Buy clothes in clothes shops and change one's own appearance.
It is actually one of the few games where you what something can do with the experienced race by money.
The landscapes are very beautiful and I drive sometimes just nurmal half an hour with my LG G27 steering wheel through the area and hope it does not rain.
And also through the grounds can be nice heat with the SUV. In short, a nice big playful world that makes a hell of fun in single player and his money is loose value.
Too bad that there will probably be no successor, because it has brought something new as opposed to all the boring NFS Mist times.
I think it's top and for the price the game is worth even 6 star!
I'll maybe buy me again, because it is a splendid violent game is to give time to children.
However, the computer should have potential and a Geforce or AMD graphics card of the central area is the minimum requirement. (In my case it was top on a GTX470. I think a 460 and later (560, 660) up should be enough.

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