UPDATE: No Part 3 - A new milestone in the LEGO games -

UPDATE: No Part 3 - A new milestone in the LEGO games -

LEGO The Hobbit - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)

Customer Review

Due to the canceled DLC of the third part, I regret to devalue the game. I had bought the game with the expectation that the third part will be replenished as DLC. This will no longer happen. Therefore, here the warning to all interested parties: The game contains only the first two parts of the films and ends with the corresponding cliffhanger.

On the PlayStation 4 LEGO The Hobbit, a new milestone in the LEGO games. You can tell the developers that every game is an evolution of previous publications.

If you liked other LEGO games and the Tolkien universe like LEGO will love The Hobbit!

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