Libertad (CD)

Customer Review

Of course! it is not to forget to give this excellent, "SUPER PROTOTYPE ROCK'ND ROLL", a very LOVING 5 Stars.
I do not épiloguerai here ....... on why, how this training consists of EXCEPTIONAL ARTISTS, whether with Slash and The inénnarable indispenssable! .... Or with our beloved and EPIC !!!! SCOTT WEILAND! UFO BEAUTIFULLY POETIQUE, AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL TALENT AND CHARACTER HIGHLY BAUDELERIEN, You there, in your hands, a treasure, sweet, melodic and saturated with the living force of ROOOCK. Coming out of the 2000s ..., guitars scream, and radiate sound like "the bright lava, sweet and warm." Scott's voice breathes expires, inspires! Bravissimo ... ... ... Beautiful Fortisimo
Do not hesitate, do please not too choosy, do not sulk your pleasure, let you do, stay dot chilly.
And let you tranporter by these eloquent and strong choruses ... NO, no nothing, this album there .. it is not a "AUDI TT", no, of course not ...., it smells FUELLLL, MECHANICAL and large, the ZESTES LEMON "" on a sweet and sour pork "", and that is as tasty as a 500 HORSEPOWER 500 SHELBY GT BLACK, ..svp .. .. 2007 model, rough on the asphalt, speeding speeding on Route 66, it's ROCK, it breathes freedom .. and thirst to live and exist is intense and the guitar riffs and vocals are saying long and rich musical career and life of some menbres that make up this group. "Velvet Revolver" was ephemeral ... but exceptional.
DISC-respecting, a work that is listened and listened, and still takes an age 'musical junk' or any junk short, a vital significance.

And why we oublirions essentially ?? .. .. .. SUBLIME.

So the need to taste Rank: 5/5
August 13
Super Hose Rank: 5/5
March 31
Fits on the whole Rank: 3/5
May 8
works pretty well Rank: 4/5
December 6
Device not worth its price Rank: 1/5
January 1

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