Very entertaining racing game with the most fun multiplayer long

Very entertaining racing game with the most fun multiplayer long

BLUR (video game)

Customer Review

BLUR stands out from the mass of racing games that have flooded the market lately.

-> It does not attempt to be a realistic simulation,
although it has licensed and pretty aufgetunte versions of real cars and manufacturers of even a lot (even if not every exotic can be found)

-> Yet it drifts into an action-heavy mass spectacle from without fixed course guidance and rubber band AI, although the game has plenty of action on the classic style.

-> Who knows Mario Kart will love the gameplay. A handful of power-ups to reach the riders belonging to shake up, provide the same degree of frustration and joy moments, the latter being guaranteed predominate. In addition, however is also skillful drifting and track the racing line of troubles to noise finishing line first, driving in the slipstream, however, has no appreciable effect.

-> The routes are not the most detailed but designed neat and very varied, the same applies to the fleet, which travels relatively different.

-> The campaign maintains with 3 different race modes and demanding fan targets, which in a short time suddenly appearing goals by driving or counterparty must be particularly artfully swept from the asphalt. Demanding Boss Fights against individual and naturally stronger drivers do the rest, also you will be rewarded with cars and weapons upgrades every time.

-> The campaign but luckily ended before wear the three modes and first boredom occurs, and just then the multiplayer mode comes into play, a very big plus point of Blur! Even simple race in 4 player split screen (very exemplary) make a lot of humor, online or via System Link is only throw down and then who can not get enough can ensure baptized in the engine salad modes for exactly such chaos, pointing to a specified course his adversaries in the neck as often as possible bombards the clock with power-ups.

-> The complexity is appropriate and can be changed at any time, besides you can before each retry a race change cars, without having to click only some menus also.

Are there any comments?
Ähhhmmmmm ....
... But because the load times between races are level with fast repetition of the same route with the same car arg long (along with the unstoppable fade before each start)!
... But, because the AI ​​seems sometimes strange superior straight at the start.
... But because the Gamerscore is distributed fairly abstruse about comic stickers at the XBOX version.
... But, because of the use of various Nitros in curves can lead to spontaneous changes of direction or in connection with the crash scenes only rudimentarily shown to lead those engaged automatic failback to the track rather arbitrary to slowdowns.

Highly Recommended, the best arcade racing game for a long time (ie since Burnout Paradise)!

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